Sunday, March 4, 2012

Your daily Boo

Its 4:59 pm
    Its a partly sunny day here....but very chilly. The wind is pushing past the window and I can see a couple of folks bundled up and walking their dogs. Derek is asleep on my Oregon State sweater,yesterday he was snoozing on my BYU one.  Sure does look warm lying there...
  Not feeling the best today but since I like to post something new almost everyday,I'll leave this as my post.
The video below is of actor Craig Bierko who has starred both on the stage,the small screen and in the movies. His performance as boxer Max Baer in Ron Howard's "Cinderella Man" steals the film and made me a instant fan.
  Craig is a very warmhearted man as well off camera,he works with many charities and is helping to raise money for the Loma Linda Children's hospital. He also rescued a sweet dog named Boo which he is turning into a star via some very funny clips on YouTube called "Your Daily Boo". In each little video,Craig is interacting with Boo on some level..and I thought this episode was outstanding since I can totally relate to taking my cat,Derek Jeter,to the vet.
 If you think Craig is talking to Boo just for the camera,he isn't...we pet owners DO talk to our wingman. Derek loves to talk to me both coming and going to the vet. He and I have had some great debates about world peace,beer,baseball and Anna Faris. Lot of the time,it has to do with "Are we there yet?".
 So kick back,relax and be prepared to be charmed by the very talented Boo and the very cool and witty Craig Bierko.  If you have a YouTube/Twitter account,you can subscribe/Follow both Craig and Boo.

And to find more about the Loma Linda Children's Hospital,just click on the link.
And to see what Craig is doing next on both the small and silver screen,you can find out here.

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