Monday, March 19, 2012

Reading and War

Its 2:50 pm

    Back in the saddle again...

Looking outside at a wonderful spring day,soon I'll be outside walking to the post office to drop a package off for Lori.
  Had a nice relaxing day on Sunday. Went shopping for some corned beef and the fixings so we could have the traditional Irish corned beef and cabbage. We put the corned beef in the crockpot and then went out for some fun activities. Nothing to heavy,just a cup of coffee and a visit to the Barnes and Noble store in Northville. But I must have picked a bad day because all the magazines I like to read were not to be had on Sunday. The bookstore was packed however and I was thinking how exciting it was watching teens picking up copies of The Hunger Games,Game of Thrones and other novels.
   While I have never read the Twilight series because I'm not a huge vampire fan,I have to say that as readers of old fashioned books,I do applaud Ms. Rowling,Meyer and Collins as well as Martin and Patterson for encouraging YOUNG PEOPLE to actually sit and read a book! Far too many young folks are playing video games and one has to wonder,do the players ever consider where the designers/makers of these games GET their ideas?? Hard to create a exciting world of fantasy when one has no imagination,isn't it?
  Also haven't read The Hunger Games as of yet but I have a feeling I'll find the books during this summer's yard sale season. Besides,with over 75 books on my waiting to be read pile in my den,its not like I'm hurting for things to read.
  I see that George Clooney got arrested for protesting the violence in Sudan. Hmmm,yeah,THAT is a new burning issue....not. But because George is there,all of a sudden we're supposed to care? Never mind that the Sudan region has been a testing ground for Russian and Chinese weapon systems for YEARS. What? You didn't know this? You didn't know that Africa is the perfect test ground for new bioweapons,armor and tactics? The many small countries are perfect for unloading 2nd hand helicopters,fighters and armor that many nations no have need for due to new models or budget cuts.
  While the US uses the same tactics in South America,Russia,China and Europe use the whole of Africa for their own unloading area. Take a peek at any African country and take a peek at with their armies are armed with....fighter jets like the MiG-25,the Mi-17 helicopter gunships,Lockheed C-130 transport planes as well as heavy MBT like the T-72.
  Isn't it sort of funny how we are asked to help the poor people of Dafur while the international community has chipped in enough "aid" so that Sudan can spend up to 4 billion dollars on new equipment and bases?
And now South Sudan is now starting to follow the same path? This is nothing new kids and George Clooney isn't drawing attention to a problem that we are willing to solve. Its hard to stand up at the UN and accuse Russia and China for supplying arms when in fact we have done the same in Central and South America. Or maybe you didn't know that "evil" Hugo Chavez has about 14-15 F-16s in the Venezuela Air Force or that the Iran Air Force flies the F-14 Tomcat,the F-4 Phantom and the F-5 Tiger II.
  Dealing death and destruction to the 3rd world countries is the way of life for the G-20,it fosters unstable governments,brain drains and allows big companies to come in and rape the countries for resources. Its an active suppression and slavery of these folks and religion once again is a main tool to rule with absolute power and corruption. And people like Kony,which caused such a "outrage" are often encouraged,supported and aided by modern governments to help eyes off the real crime,the stealing of those same said resources.
   Until we quit selling these countries weapons and quit putting puppet rulers in place,the cycle of violence and utter lack of respect for life will continue.
   Making these events a flavor of a tweet does nothing but make lessens the real damage being done over there. People jump online,"retweet" or "like" without doing any real reading about how much money is being spent on arms,munitions and why there is always a "rebellion" happening. Instead,we need to start asking potential candidates for higher office,"What are you going to do about selling arms to countries like Sudan,Honduras or Columbia"?
  After several decades,it has become crystal clear that we have become what we are always claiming N. Korea,Iran and Iraq are....we are encouraging and fostering terrorism. Take a hard look at Libya,Peru,Columbia,Mexico....thousands upon thousands dead,dying,poverty stricken. How are we so different from those we say are the "axis of evil"?

Okay,that is all I got for now.......



  1. no shit, either we sell or the russian or china sells, and its all for oil, osama he was on the cia payroll, we fund most of these groups, then kill them later. Mike i lived in Iran, Ethiopia and more all those places used to be friends now not. good one

  2. Thanks Paul...yeah,I didn't touch on bin Laden or Castro or Noriega but we did support those madmen as long as they heeled at the call of the US Government.

  3. You almost sounded like Ron Paul there for a minute...

  4. Thanks Max....I'm not quite as "left" as some would think. Its pretty amazing what you can learn about geopolitics by studying "Jane's Book of". The world is simply not a black or white dynamic.