Wednesday, March 21, 2012

21st Century Battlefield Detroit- Good vs. Evil.

Its 9:03 am
  Sorry for such a shorty punchy entry yesterday,just couldn't find my writing mojo....but lets see if we can't change that a little bit today.
 As soon as I finish this post,going to take the trash out and then walk over to the U of Michigan medical center and make a appointment for Lori to get her chemo port flushed. A port has to be flushed once every 4-6 weeks to prevent any issues in case it needs to used,one doesn't want to have a blocked port,its a pain in a ass to clean,or so we have been told.
  Lori has to have her port for a year to the day that Dr. Johnston says she is in remission. So,despite her surgery being almost a year ago already (I know,amazing,right?) we still have to live with it and that means putting on lidocaine once every 4-6 weeks and getting flushed.
  So I decided to put Derek's bed under the window where he has taken up residence for next 6 weeks...figured he would enjoy the bed and the softness of his blankets. I took a peek this morning and the goofy cat was curled up besides the bed sleeping away. Needless to say,the bed was moved back to its normal spot and he went back to sleep where the bed had been. Gotta love my cat!
   Had a couple of interesting stories come through the city this week. Seems like a local attorney,David Dunn,who defends a lot of dangerous thugs,is now himself in jail facing the same murder charge his client is after being arrested for trying to get a witness to commit perjury. Dunn is also facing eight other counts,including the murder charge he was defending 22 year old Andre Collins from. The witness was supposedly wearing a wire and not only did they catch Dunn trying to cajole this witness but he was also was heard bragging that he had done this on other cases as well.
"Mr. Dunn's alleged behavior is a poison arrow in the heart of the criminal justice system," Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy said in a statement. "The evidence will show that he's done this more than once.

Pretty damn sad if you ask many murderers,rapists,thugs has Dunn broken the law for in order to get them off and collect his now blood money? Now the DA's office will have to back and re-investigate every case Dunn has defended to see just how bad this miscarriage of justice runs.  The one good thing is that is that more likely that Collins will never see the free world again. And hopefully,if Dunn is also convicted,this will discourage any other lawyers from doing such a terrible crime.
    Another example of just how bad of a Police Chief Ralph Godbee is for the city of Detroit. I mean,can this guy do more then bumble and stumble his way in to work everyday?  We had a tourist in from New York in for a convention who vanished and after 4 days,his family got worried when they hadn't heard from him.
Mike Treder was here for a engineering and science expo but has simply vanished after checking in his hotel. He told his family and girlfriend that he was a guest speaker at the expo but it turns out that wasn't the case.
So the family reached out to police and they responded...led by Chief Godbee himself and at least 3-5 other officers. Now I can hear you saying "Why are you spracking on Godbee like this? It isn't every day that a major city police chief will take such a active role in finding a missing tourist!"
  And you would be right,normally this WOULD be a feel good story and I am very much hoping that Treder is found safe and sound,this is a weird case,that is for skippy.
   But this why I'm once again ripping on the chief and also the Mayor's office.
Detroit has 700,000 citizens living in it and at least 4,000 are convicted sex offenders who have had to register as sexual offenders. This means they have to let the police/probation office know where they,the offenders,are as far as living and working. If they plan on moving,they have to tell the cops,if they get a job,same deal. Now with 4,000  registered offenders,you would think the cops would have a dedicated force to keep a wary eye on these folks,right? I mean,if the police chief and 3-5 cops are looking for a missing tourist,we probably have at least 30-50 cops of sex offender duty...
   Well we don't. We have ONE cop to keep track of those 4,000 offenders...oh wait,I forgot to tell you the best parts,at least 650 offenders are now unaccounted for,they for all purposes,have flown the coop,they're in the wind. They have neglected to tell the cops where they are,where they are working,if they are drug-free,if they haven't raped a 12 year old lately.
   But in defense of Godbee,the department has had budget cuts to be sure...which forced the reduction of the sexual offender task force. So just how many cops USED to be on this section being it was reduced to one cop? Try TWO cops. Two cops to track 4,000 dangerous felons in a city of 700,000.
 But we can get our chief and 3-5 cops to track down a missing tourist,once it made the local news.
Now are you sure you want to visit Detroit if you're a woman? Sort of makes you think twice about that doesn't it??
  And this is Bing's folly as the hell could you let your fucking ego get in the way of a damn good cop like Warren Evans doing his job??? The city has gone to shit and it really did start with Warren being asked to resign. This city has a special talent for turning on the people who really want to help Detroit recover....Warren Evans,Gary Brown,Robert Bobb,Dennis Archer,Roy Roberts...all being attacked just because they want to be honest and not sugar coat that the people here have to be accountable for their actions.
  But going to end this on a positive note....
Last January a man lost his life when he fell while working on the Ambassador Bridge. Kent Morton was painting when something went terribly wrong and he fell into the Detroit River. He survived the fall but with all the heavy gear he had on plus the injuries he sustained,he drowned before any help could reach this day,his body has not been recovered.
Kent left a little girl and his fiance,who was expecting their first child together. By all accounts,Kent was a good man,a loving father and a kick ass brother.
  Kent and his fiance,Kristi Waltsgott,had bought a home and were just starting to renovate it when Kent was killed. Kent had painted his daughter's room and Kristi was getting the kitchen ready on the day he passed away. For two months now nothing as happened as Kristi being pregnant was and is finding it harder to get along. And I'm sure money is also tight for the little family. The Western Wayne Plumber and Mechanical Association reached and as contributed time,labor and manpower in help Kent and Kristi realize their dream home. But they still needed some help and so they reached out to Fox 2 for that help.
The media covered this story very compassionately when Kent was killed and that is one thing I love about the people who report on our area,they don't simply file a story and move on. Over and over they revisit it and bring us updates.
  Our best journalist,Amy Lange,covered this story and after meeting with Kristi,the work crew and seeing the house...she called a local store,ABC Warehouse (I blogged about these guys before),who jumped at the chance to help. They are supplying brand new kitchen appliances to Kristi,top of the line gear to help this woman get ready for her upcoming son,Kent's legacy,who she is expecting to come in August.
 What a beautiful thing that these men,ABC Warehouse and Amy did for this family. We are blessed to such angels in our community,we really are!

Well,that is it for now. My postman is downstairs and he has some new news on how Rick Santorum is really Ron Paul's love child.

be safe!

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