Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Its 2:37 pm

    Doing chores today....2nd interview went very well and after over 2 hellish years,it looks like I have a JOB.
I guess I'm sort of a loss for words other then seeing how many things that need to be fixed in my house...
Got a message today from one of heroes,Chief Warren Evans,he asked me to call him because he wants to talk with me...needless to say,I'm extremely flattered and dare say a little nervous.
 Which is strange considering how many famous artists,actors,local politicians and a standing member of a President's Cabinet....I don't get rattled easy by "famous" people but those I respect beyond measure...yeah,I get nervous! Only happened to 3 times in my music career...meeting John Doe,Barbara Manning and Penelope Houston.  Its looking like Chief Evans is considering a run for Mayor of Detroit and I'm not the only one who believes in their heart....Warren Evans may be the LAST and best hope to save this city.
   We need people like Warren,Gary Brown,JJ Johnson,Nolan Finley,Tracey Henry-Martin and Steve Hood who LOVE this city and its people and willing to fight for it. There is nothing more depressing or sad then to go downtown and see what this city used to be like.
  As for Trayvon Martin......who gives a fuck he got shot dead? We don't.....oh,we'll pay him lip service,the blacks folks will play the broken down race card cause his killer was a white man,there will be some marches with some "Stop the Violence" style of banners waving and in about 2-3 weeks,it will fade away in search of a new headline.....like we did for Gabby Giffords,for Randy Vetters,for Delric Miller,for the 49 people shot and killed in Chicago last weekend.
Below is a link to a interview that Fox 2 journalist Charlie LeDuff conducted with Warren Evans. Listen to hard numbers of how bad the city has gotten since Bing-a-ling asked Chief Evans to resign in the wake of the Ayiana Jones case.

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