Saturday, March 3, 2012

Two Days in the Valley (and a medical update)

12:29 pm
   Hmm....I guess writing about my day working the Michigan Primary was about as exciting as watching paint dry on a wall....

  Its a grey gloomy day here in SE Michigan. The weather is rapidly moving from winter to spring and not just here. Yesterday saw a massive outbreak of over 30 tornadoes including one F4 which resulted in 12 dead.
I'm sure we'll be hearing about this tonight at our first CERT class. Now while I have seen wild land fires and been through a earthquake,I have yet to see an tornado here in Michigan,my first year here was the closest I have come,we had a storm touch down at the airport,fly over us and touch down in a junk yard in Detroit.
  I have always wanted to see one up close but Lori has said "no" to my request to go storm chasing in Kansas or Oklahoma.

Davy Jones of The Monkees died yesterday at age 66 of an heart attack. The Monkees were America's answer to the crazy ride that was The Beatles in the late 60s. While the Monkees were a cookie-cutter band put together in Los Angeles and despite having a cartoon like show,still managed to have several international hits and selling over 65 million albums and singles.
  Davy was definitely the heart throb of the group and became a huge teen idol. That led to a now famous guest spot on The Brady Bunch where Marcia Brady had a huge crush on him. While the group went their different ways,Davy Jones remained in the spotlight the most while the others faded quietly into doing music,small parts in TV and other interests.
  R.I.P. Davy and thanks for the good times...

Got a bit of a shock yesterday....local Channel 7 sports director Don Shane called it quits after 23 years on the air. I like Don...a lot. He has always been a steady professional and his reporting was firm and straight to the point.  Sports reporters are blessed to have so many teams to cover here,it makes the job a lot of fun. But Don grew tired and found it less and less enjoyable as time went on and he also missed spending time with his family. So yesterday,while on the air,he announced he was retiring.
  But I'm also very excited because this will mean my favorite sports guru,Tom Leyden,will be stepping into the spot and I couldn't be more happy. Tom is the man behind the Sunday Sports Final show on Channel 7 and that show,besides the Let It Rip show on Channel 2,is must see TV. Tom's style is loose and relaxed and keeping area sports in perspective,unlike ESPN/MLB Network,etc...Tom makes it fun without mocking it or just showing up and going through the motions (right,Bernie??).
  The only downside of Tom moving into the main newscast is this might mean the end of his run on the Sports Final. And instead of 30 minutes of fun with Nate and Stoney,he'll get his 3-5 minutes a hour to drop a score or a highlight. And most importantly,it means he most likely won't be able to wear his Yankees cap on the air again...
  But to honor my buddy and his new job,I'm once again going to fly my Met's logo on my FB wall as my way of saying "congratulations"! Lori will be happy however,I'll be going to bed a little earlier on Sunday nights now.

Saturday morning....8:50 am

   Back in the saddle,with a twist.
Its a cold and very windy day outside.Its been blustery all night in SE Michigan but after seeing what has been happening to Illinois and Indiana,we have been rather blessed. Tornado season has decided to show up and in major force with over 100 twisters already touching down and killing 28 people so far.
 Just hope its not an omen as I started my 9 week CERT class in my town. While the first session was a bit stiff and not very exciting to say the least,our instructor showed us a training video on how a CERT team works and if that is how it does,every city should try and create one.
  I thought my city already had one in place but found out that we are the first group to get this training. Of course a vast majority of the 35 folks have a fire/medical/armed forces background so there will a great core to start with. The class is being taught by our city's Emergency Management Director,she has been trying for four years to get this program funded so it could be established. She said that she was lucky to get funding for maybe 3 classes but feels the funding will dry up soon. That is a shame because after seeing these towns get the catpoo kicked out of them by these storms,they sure could use the help that a CERT program could offer.
  Went to Ann Arbor yesterday for a medical appointment for Lori. Things are looking very positive for us right now,the PA told Lori was her appointment schedule would look like for the next 5 years. Why 5 years you may be asking....because if you are cancer free after 5 years,you are considered healed. So to mention that timetable is very encouraging indeed. This is what we are striving for...SO KEEP THOSE PRAYERS coming,they really are working!
  Pinched a nerve in my back...not a fun thing I have to admit. Did it on Thursday and despite heat,motrin and a long soak,there is little improvement. Just what we didn't need right now....but we'll deal with this and I will hopefully be back and feeling better in a few days.
 Lori and I spent some time in our den last night,I was reading Tom Delay's book "No Retreat,No Surrender" and she was watching Davy Jones videos on YouTube. Soon we talking about childhood crushes and I said it seemed like  Davy Jones was like a LOT of women's first crushes. Lori asked me who my first crush was and that was a pretty easy answer. My first crush was on Tina Louise of the old Gilligan's Island series.
 Tina was a sultry redhead who played Ginger the movie star. She was forever using her charms on Gilligan to try and find out secrets or offering up ideas she has gotten from roles she played to help the castaways get rescued.
  Now I didn't know for a long time that the show was much older then I was when I first watched it with my brothers. But even after I learned that,I still followed Tina's career even though she didn't do very much.
As crushes go,soon it went away but years later I found a CD of her music that had been put out by her daughter Caprice. Once again I got to rediscover my first it fun watching Lori talk about Davy Jones and then Bobby Sherman.
  So it got me to thinking....who was your first celebrity crush? Just a drop here or on the FB group will be a bit fun to see who liked who...

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