Sunday, March 25, 2012

Saturday/Sunday (includes a medical update)

Its 12:50 pm Saturday

   After a totally delightful stretch of summer like days,spring has decided to return to Michigan today. Its gray and overcast and despite my best attempts to jump start this entry,I'm finding myself sort of fighting to put words down.
   This is another big week for us as its time to see if the 28 days of radiation has done its job and kick the cancer off Lori's colon and lymph nodes. Once more the days have slowed to a crawl,each minute leading to Thursday feels like a hour,my sleep patterns are really getting screwed with,my C-PAP machine isn't working worth a tinker's damn.
  Our spirits are good however,we spent Thursday doing some early deep spring cleaning in the house,washing blinds and curtains. We swapped out some winter dishes for more festive ones. Went to ACO to get a screen repaired but I'll have to wait til Saturday for that as they haven't opened that department yet.
We're going to tackle 3 main projects this summer,painting a upstairs bathroom,our bedroom and finally getting a french drain put in. We have the bathroom budget already so that will come first. We are trying to find the right color to go with the hallway and bedroom.
  Projects like this really raise our morale and spirits...take our mind's off the fight. Of course it is always with you but as me (because I can't speak for Lori),I feel I can keep it at bay and not let it overwhelm me. But the big days such as seeing Dr. Johnston or tests like a PET scan always make up the nervous ante.

Its now 10:22 am Sunday

   Yeah,I didn't post yesterday,got sort of blockish and couldn't I'll just pick up where I left off  yesterday and carry on.
  Didn't too much yesterday which is why today will be so busy,already got laundry going and I prepped the dining/living room to get vacuumed. Ginger has picked the dining area as her "place" to shed and the floor is covered with orange fur. She lies under the table and licks/pulls tufts of fur off and this is after we brush her. Her fur is much thicker then Derek's by far...he rarely sheds but will leave fur upstairs when he and I play "flop". endless source for entertainment.
   Walked up to the Meijer store by our house,our bank is within the store so we can pay our bills and grocery shop as well. Paid a house payment and then picked up a loaf of bread and some lunch meat.
 I was going to get a lottery ticket or two but the line was long. Guess trying to win a 360 million jackpot will do that to people.
  The lottery is a trip to me....I enjoy playing once in a while,I wait til the jackpot gets over 100 million and then buy a couple of quick picks. Now what is really funny is I never get any numbers...EVER. As far as the Mega Millions/Powerball lottos go,I have won exactly THREE DOLLARS total. That is all....I keep telling Lori that she needs to play for us as she is the lucky one in our household.I don't why I can't win at least 5 bucks,maybe its my breath,I don't know.
  My wife asked me what would I want to do if we won....and I'm not kidding,I haven't a clue other then helping my family. All I know is if we did win,my first call would be to Suze Orman for help!!
  As I am blogging this....I am just now hearing some incredibly sad news....once again,our favorite local news station,Fox 2,has suffered a terrible loss. Cameraman Rodney Ferguson has passed away. This is the 3rd sudden loss for this station in a matter of months....the station news manager,the husband of a news anchor and now Rodney. I had just befriended him on FB,I always thought of Rodney as Amy Lange's wingman when she was out covering the news. Covering the news in Detroit can get sketchy at times,we have seen journalists roughed up at times but you never got that feeling that would happen when Rodney was there,I don't think he would have ever allowed that to happen to his reporter.
  Now he is gone and once again,the crew at Fox 2 will have to say goodbye to someone they loved and cherished much too soon. I know some of the station's journalists actually honor me by reading this blog and so I'm going to take this moment to say how sorry we are at Rodney's passing and know he'll be deeply missed.

    But also want to celebrate some good news as well....our friends Brad and Michelle Myers have finally reclaimed their home back 100%. No more FEMA trailer as they have completed all the major repairs and are all back in the home they had before the Mouse River tried to wash them away. So happy for the 4 members who can cook,clean and climb into the dryer. And with such a mild winter,this will give the state time enough to continue to strengthen the defenses so that if the water rises again,they'll be to warn people faster and slow the river down from cresting and flooding again.
I wonder whatever happened to Ryan Downe.

  So war criminal and draft dodger Dick "I would have shot Trayvon Martin and got away with it" Cheney had a heart transplant. Which is shocking in of the fact I always thought he was born without one. I mean,I know he was born without a spine but without a heart?
  I wonder who he had murdered to get that heart and we only had to wait for less then 2 years when the majority of people have waited longer.
  You know,there are a few people you just wish God would have taken out of the gene pool,Hitler,Stalin,Mao,George W. Bush,Cheney...its hard to fathom why some people who deserve death live while the ones who make the difference are taken much too soon. Its one of those things you tuck into your back pocket and hope one day you can actually ask God these questions.

 My 10 favorite female vocalists

1. Barbara Manning
2. Penelope Houston
3. Mary Fahl
4. Monique Powell
5. Sarah Brightman
6. Kate Emerson
7. Gretchen Peters
8. Martina McBride
10. Jennifer Charles

Of course this list changes but at this moment in time,these are the ones who I'm listening to the most. Maybe I can get some of you to share a Top 10 list as well...
  I'm still awaiting for my first two interview subjects to return their questions....writer Joan Lemon and social activist John Cromer were the first two I asked for a interview and I just caught them at very busy times but they have said they will get them back to me....

Okay,that is all I got for now....I'll be back Tuesday.


  1. lena lovich , nina hagen, patti smith, janice ian,
    Marianne Faithfull

  2. Those are some great singers as well...Patti Smith is a real icon. Personally,I don't care much about Marianne but do respect what she has accomplished in her career. Thanks for commenting.