Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Medical update,compassion,a request and a Fanboy rant

Its 5:57 pm

   Happy Caturday!

Glad to be here....and glad to be working once again.  Feels a little strange to be getting up at 6:30 am but very,very happy to do so. It feels good knowing that I am back and contributing to my family,nothing feels much worse knowing that your very ill wife is working her ass off while you're spinning your wheels in the mud.
  Going through now,15 hours of mind boggling computer training....we were lumped into one room and sat before the computer and left to fend for ourselves.
   But we're doing it,I'm with two other new hires,one lady who won't be there a week because she got picked up by Ford and a kid who got cut by  good ol Kroger's. Nice folks actually.
 But of course the big news was we were in Ann Arbor last Friday for Lori's 2nd PET scan. We made a little snack before we left because Lori wasn't allowed to eat or drink anything but a little water 4 hours before the test. We climbed into the Rodger Young and headed to the hospital.
  Got there in good shape and went to the waiting room. It was jammed packed with folks so but we got seats and waited. I brought along the iPod so Lori could listen to some tunes but when we (for the rare time) shut down the computer all the way down,it stopped the Pod from it was dead. A very nice young lady lent us her charger and I managed to get the pod charged half-way but Lori had already been called back. The nurse said she would make sure the Pod got to Lori...only to find out the one room Lori was in had no iPod deck! It was just sorta of a wacky day. Lori did very well and our spirits are very hopeful come 9 April. I won't be able to go to the follow up appointment because of work and I can't lie and say I'm okay with that. While my heart is screaming Remission!,my head is saying "slow your role and be ready for the next step".
  But whatever it is,we'll be ready for it.....but of course it would be nice to see a few comments and chirps of encouragement,those are awfully good to read! One cool thing....while we were all waiting in the room for our loved ones,they had a repeat of a "Ellen" show with Sofia Vergara on. I had my back turned away from the TV reading "Chicken Soup for the Veteran's Soul" but the show must have been very funny as the waiting room kept laughing,it was a awesome thing to hear in such a life changing room.
One of the main highlights of our week is "Family Meeting" day which generally falls on a Friday. We started doing this in the middle of the recession and have kept doing it for about 2 years now. We each get something to drink,I go upstairs and get our banking business in order while Lori grabs a menu pad and the grocery pad. We both sit in the living room and Lori will say "Family Meeting" which will bring Derek down.
Ginger is always already there but Derek will come down and jump on a  sideboard and watch the meeting.
I will do the banking news first,what we have,what bills are due and how we will budget to handle those items. We write them down on a pad and express any thoughts on what needs to done now (cleaning the gutter) and what can be put off a bit.
   Next we plan out our week for activities. This week will see Lori go to a baby shower,have lunch with our friend Cheryl and will find me mowing the grass and visiting Michigan Works.
  Next is the weekly menu...and this has proven such a money saver for us...we plan out the dinner menu in advance and make sure we shop our pantry for the items. Of course we might need some extras like bread and milk during the week but the menu stops us from eating out or eating junk a lot more. And it has me cooking a lot more in the kitchen,hard to believe I'm sure but I haven't burned down the house yet!
  The meeting lasts about 30-40 minutes but its a priceless and important tool in our household and helps us keep rooted in good habits.
   Was on my way to work on Friday when I came upon a kitty that had been killed in the road. I didn't have time to stop and remove it from the road but I knew I would be stopping afterwards to take care of it.
It rained non-stop on Friday,we had big thunderstorms roll through our area....I felt bad for Derek as he was most likely hiding under the ottoman (thunder is his kryptonite) and I felt bad for the poor cat on the busy road. At the end of the day,I grabbed 3 bags and headed to where I knew the cat was going to be and most likely just a ugly mess as well.
  Can't tell you how happy I was to turn the corner and no kitty. Some road angel has come and picked up the poor cat before thoughtless people would have continued to run over it. Just sad that someone had thought so little of either letting their pet outside or not spaying/neutering their cat to allow ferals to be allowed be born and run wild.  But just happy that someone had compassion to take it off the road.

Am wondering if this is tacky.....and if it is,call me out on it......does anyone have the Hunger Games trilogy they don't want anymore and would send my way? If so,just leave a comment and we'll get in touch.

 I also saw "Green Lantern" on HBO last,boy did Time Warner/DC Comics fuck that up or what? I thought Ryan Reynolds was great but that ending with Parallax,how staggeringly bad was that mess?
And they spent 200 millions bucks on it? I have seen better money spent on a SyFy creature movie!
How can DC screw up so bad....they make a good Smallville series,then that terrible Wonder Woman pilot,create a kick ass Batman trilogy and Superman Returns....then shoot themselves in the ass with Green Lantern and re-booting Superman when Brandon Routh was a great Superman who just needed a better script!
  What do my fellow fanboys say? I mean,am I wrong here? I mean I know Hunger Games is big now but wait til DC and the rest of America sees "The Avengers" that will be epic in every sense of the word.
Marvel is doing it why can't DC?

Okay,that is all I got for now.....


  1. Green Lantern was an amazing mess. But let's give the devil their due - Hulk was no great feat either and both Thor and Captain America were mediocre to "okay" at best.

    The Avengers looks good but so does The Dark Knight Rises. The new Green Arrow series looks to be pretty decent.

    DC Nation is rocking on Cartoon Network and starting tomorrow Marvel finally makes their first legitmate Spider-Man cartoon along with season 2 of Avengers: Earth's Mightest Heroes. All in all, should prove to be very interesting indeed...

    But Green Lantern II? Oh hell no...

    1. Agreed,the new Hulk was very lacking,still haven't seen Thor or Cap yet but heard Captain America was the better of the two movies.
      Saw the news for the new Green Arrow series but two things I don't like....they are calling it simply "Arrow" and Justin Hartley isn't the leading man,I think he a fine job as GA in Smallville.
      And its a damn shame about Green Lantern because it had so much promise.

  2. I'll probably get crucified for this, but I'd love a live action Batman: The Brave and the Bold movie.

    1. Not at all Chris,I think that would have been the idea for DC IF they could have managed to make a much better Green Lantern movie or even a Wonder Woman series and maybe a do a JLA big feature based on how well the Avengers movie did. But DC is having problems getting their brand across this medium. But one can still hope.