Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Its 1:58 pm

   Had a big entry all prepped up and ready to post when the fire and desire went away.
Can you believe no one won that huge 363 million dollar jackpot? I was pretty amazed to say the least and now the pot is up to 476 million. My neighbor asked me what I would do if I won....I told her I'd buy a full tank of gas
  So I got a job....after over 2 years,was able to land a job. I start on Friday and will work over the weekend. Feel like I won the lottery already in a sense. Now that I'm working,I can go back to the jobs that I applied for that wouldn't consider me because I wasn't working....we're celebrating by cooking pork chops and rice tonight along with a veggie. Simple dinner but grateful to have the means to have one.
  We started our real deep spring cleaning in earnest this week,washed blinds,curtins,cabinets. Ordered a new fan cover for the microwave and after I finish posting this,I am out for the first lawn mowing of the season....provided the high winds calm down. Had to chase down by ours and our neighbor's trash buckets that were scampering down the street.
  I feel sluggish this week.....tired of all the garbage I have been seeing on the TV,that is why I put my first post in mothballs. Just too much sadness and hatred to wallow I'm going to break away from the soapbox for a while and try and have some fun here.
  Got our big PET scan test tomorrow and then we wait til 9 April to see Dr. Johnston for the results. Really hope and pray Lori will be in remission after this....thank you for all of your support!
Going to leave you with a episode of the funny ass "Pittsburgh Dad"....

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