Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Action and adventure in the ER plus some football and a call for supporting a real fighter.

Its 11:27 pm
    I know...a rather late time to be starting a entry but I do have a reason for it...
Last Thursday afternoon I noticed my back was starting to hurt. I put it down to our bed,we have a IKEA bed and sometimes to slats that support our box spring fall off,causing a uneven platform and it cause my back to get tweaked.
It started hurting quite a bit and I was a little surprised by how much. I was able to still attend my CERT class but I was uncomfortable.
  I mentioned to Lori that I might have to have my back adjusted on Friday but the pain actually calmed down and I was able to stand and sit okay. I used a heating pad and took Motrin to try and make the back happy.
 It seemed to be working until Monday morning when I woke up in major discomfort,the pain was back and has moved to my groin area. And no matter how I sat,laid down and stood,I could not get comfortable and the pain was increasing. We had hoped to wait til Friday until seeing the chiropractor but this morning was even worse so I called the guy who adjusted me before. He couldn't see me til 2:15 pm so I had to hang on til then. I took more Motrin to help with the pain,it did very little and I was feeling worse by the minute,the pain was getting unbearable. 
It wasn't until I felt like I had to throw up that it hit me,I had a kidney stone. Now I have seen a couple of big men reduced to tears because of kidney stones,they are no walk in the park. I could barely move when I called Lori and told her to come get me,I had a kidney stone.
  20 minutes later I was being wheel chaired into the ER at my "favorite"place,Oakwood. I was checked and then the fun started in earnest. They only have one ER doctor on call so I had to wait. That wasn't a problem until the pain level started going up. Anyone who ever had a kidney stone knows what I'm talking about. That was the worst feeling I have ever had in my life,I thought I was going to toss my Oreos (happy 100th birthday by the way) it hurt so bad.
  Had to draw on my 3 guardian angels who gone through so much worse then this and come out with flying colors,soon I was given two very strong drugs and an IV drip. Ended up getting 2 more doses before being wheeled for a CT scan. Then I managed to sleep for 3 hours,the doctor wanted to drugs to have a chance to move the stone out.
   In all we spent 6 hours in the ER before being given the green light to go home. I don't think I passed the stone as of yet but I'm not nearly as much pain either. I had to keep gently pushing Derek off my hip because he is just too heavy for me right now.
 I'm taking it easy today that is for sure.....

 I love college I have stated before,its my favorite sport. While I follow the mighty San Jose State Spartans of the WAC conference (so,okay...going 5-7 and losing by 54 to Stanford doesn't evoke "mighty" but this year will be different!). I enjoy spracking with my buddy John down in Florida who is a Miami Hurricane fan. We also talk about smaller teams as well which you hardly ever see these days as most fans root for the big boy teams like Ohio State,Miami and Oregon. You never run across a New Mexico State or Eastern Michigan fan that actually admit it.
  Being a fan means you like to know who your school is going to be playing in the future. It helps create excitement when you see two teams you follow finally matching it up on the gridiron. A lot of games you see played have been scheduled years in advance but schools don't always release the advanced schedules.
So how do you find out about a favorite team's advanced schedule?
For the average fan they would have search the internet for bits and pieces. But about 12-15 months ago,I stumbled across FBSchedules which lists all 122 FBS teams along with the upcoming NFL schedule. But mostly its aimed towards the college football fan. Created and run by a die hard U of Georgia fan,Kevin Kelley,every day has some new press release on a either a new big game added,the news about the massive league realignments or schedule changes. Each team that sends Kevin a release gets equal coverage,ALL 122 TEAMS get equal billing,just not the BCS leagues. It has taken a while but more and more fans have discovered the site and the comment section is really starting to get lively. FBSchedules also has a FB page as well with almost 4,500 fans.
  So take a minute and cruise over to FBSchedules and see when that big Savannah State-Florida State will happen. And ask Kevin when UGa is going to grow a pair and schedule the game everyone wants to see...San Jose State-Georgia. Its hard to have a rivalry when one team keeps ducking the other.

Lastly but the most important.....please keep our fellow cancer warrior Amy Rauch Neilson in your prayers. Amy,who has fighting stage IV breast cancer,has been really struggling as of late having landed in the hospital 3 times this month along. Her cancer has reached her back and she is now facing a new round of radiation. Now radiation is rough on a fairly new cancer patient but each time you have to go through this really does weaken your body tremendously,this why it is so controlled as far as dosage and length. And Amy,already trying to come back from a broken leg last Christmas,is now facing this new hurdle. And we have to keep her husband and caretaker Don and her little boy up in prayer as well. Amy is a real hero and it is very important to any of us that are or have gone through this fight to help keep going.
Her blog "Its All In the Genes" is listed on my blogs I follow please take a second and pay her a visit and encourage her. Tell her Michael and Lori sent you.....

  Well that is all I have for now. My back is starting to really hurt again so I'm grabbing my cat and laying down for a few.

Thanks for reading.

Kevin- Thanks for creating such a great site and for having fun with our"rivalry"
Scorpion- Google+....going to need a pathfinder for this one!
Amy + Don - Prayers are with you.
U of Michigan Hospital- You need to hire Dr. Weaver from Oakwood
Beth- Thank you for the follow! Very cool indeed.

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