Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Another day to be blessed (thanks to Shawn for the title)

Its 11:15 am

    Wow,I can't begin to tell you have beautiful the day is outside. It looks more like a summer day then a early spring one and I can almost hear my lawnmower crying out to "Fire me up"!
 As you could see in the last post,I was feeling a bit in a funk...its just been a rough week here on the ranch. But I'm going to shake it off and get a couple of projects done. Going to re-work my job search again,make up a another master list and see if I can shake something loose. While I am still hoping for DHS to call,I haven't been resting on that...but something I'm doing is not working so back to the drawing board for sure,right?
   And I'm cooking dinner tonight,completely solo. No help from Lori other then answering any questions I may have. Now I have cooked before but its been more like a team effort but not tonight....Its going to my show and Derek has already meowed that he'll be my sous chef. I'll take him up on that offer....and well let you know how we do. Today dinner,tomorrow Iron Chef America!
  Now how do you boil water again.......?
A lady in a nearby town made national news this week because of a 30 pound wild turkey that attacks her every time she comes out of her house. Calling the turkey "Godzilla",she says it ambushes her whenever she steps out of her house and since she has to go to the post office 6 days a week to get her mail,that is at least 12 encounters with this goofy bird she has to deal with.
   I have seen wild turkeys by my in-laws house up in northern Michigan but never been close enough to have one charge at me. I have had a chicken charge from behind me when I lived in San Jose and a Canadian goose charge at us when we were visiting Lori cousin's gravesite. I merely laughed at the chicken and charged back at the goose but a wild turkey? I don't know if that would be a good thing,Godzilla actually jumps up and tries to claw at this 69 year old woman and has drawn blood. But I give the brave lady credit,she uses either a broom to a umbrella to ward off Godzilla and tries to out think him. All the gun loving NRA card toting zeroes probably be planning a frontal assault with 20 redneck friends and some AK-47s.
But she isn't calling animal control on Godzilla,she thinks once the weather changes,he will be more into his flock of fellow wild turkeys that live behind her house on state owned land.
 Going to post this now and start a new entry,had a POV about the whole Rush mess but re-reading it,have decided its just not worth talking about. Guy is a asshole but if you don't like what he says,just don't listen to his fat ass.

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