Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Thoughts on Subway,Syria and other stuff.

Its 3:01 pm

   Another nice day here in our slice of the world. It IS getting a little nippy and we might get some snow on Friday. According to local weather guru Chris Edwards,at this point in time year,we had 54 days with at least a inch or more of snow on the ground compared to just 14 this winter.  As of today last year,we were sitting here with a foot of snow on our yards. But nothing like that this year...
   We have discovered the one food that Lori can handle without risking a stomach issue. Tuna fish. That is right,tuna fish sandwiches. We don't know why but for some reason as long as its not crushed with fresh veggies and is on white bread,she can eat this with no problem. She likes Jimmy Johns and Subway so that is what we get at least once a week. Her stomach is getting better each day and she can eat just a little more variety as well but still no dairy or coffee as of yet.
  Being that we live in the burbs,we can drive a mile or so in any direction and get a fast food joint. We don't but its nice that we have a excellent Subway about a 1 11/2 miles away by our church. As some may know,a lot of Subways are privately owned and run by their owners or a group. The one we go to is such a shop.
In the four years I have been going to this place,it is without a doubt,the most professionally run fast food place I have ever been in. Now think about that...a fast food place is staffed by youngsters or college students,it has a high turnover rate and lets face it,a lot of these places are filthy! (Hello Burger King!).
 But this shop,located in Canton on the corner of Lilley and Cherry Hill Road,is clean as a whistle despite being very busy. The staff is ALWAYS cheerful,polite and matter who is working or when.
The reason is the owner,a very nice guy named Ed Barton. He will take a few minutes and talk to a customer and make sure they are getting everything they need. I can't tell you how many times I have heard a guest comment how they like his store the most and yes,that includes us.
  Its just a very pleasant experience to go to a fast food shop and get 4 star restaurant service or to see the loyalty and respect his staff shows him even when he is not there. They know they have a great reputation and they work very hard to keep it.
  Been following the Syrian uprising...its pretty interesting to see how the mainstream media is now clamoring about this new hot spot even as the Egyptians are now sliding closer to civil war and as is Libya.
Americans are being detained and even roughed up a little in Egypt as the Muslim Brotherhood is fighting for power the military and tramping on everyone's feet. Riots,mass beatings,rapes and wholesale murder is now happening in Cairo and other places.
   Libya is no better and even now loyalists to Gadhafi are still fighting back,even recapturing some towns. The uprisings have done nothing to improve life for the vast majority of the people affected. And now to hear some of the right wingers try and sound the saber rattling not only with Iran but Syria is just madness.
 Especially since the Syrian crisis seems to be fully pushed by not only the CIA but other allies like our old 9/11 murdering pals,the Saudis along with elements Al Qaeda to overthrow the Syrian regime.
 There have been several videos posted showing how brutal Assad's forces have been against the protesters but as in all conflicts,not everything you see should be believed.

  We really need to watch how change has transformed Yemen,Libya and Egypt before we start banging the war drums. We are not affecting any real change here,only trading one monster for another. I don't see any of the new governments in these places calling for a democracy,only enforcing a new round of terror.
 President Obama has said that if Americans were still were going to be mistreated,he would suspend the 1.3 Billion dollars in military aid to the Egyptian armed forces. Actually,he should have done that the second the Muslim Brotherhood came into power.  Once again,its American weapons (the number one arms dealer in the world) who being used to slaughter innocents. And do you really think these folks are not going to forget this going forward?
  Let the Syrians find their own way be it good or bad...they don't need our help and I rather not see anymore American soldiers lives be put in harm's way for nothing just as they were in Iraq and Afghanistan and are now being considered in Iran. We don't need the heartache by folks who really could give a rat's ass about us.
  My buddy Brad in Minnesota is getting a puppy next week. Now I could lower myself to his level and poke fun at him like he does in making cruel comments about cats. I could mention about the best places to go to get a flea dip or which shovel can pick up the most dog poo. If I was him,I would come up with clever names for his new dog like Speedbump,Muttley or Snoopy. I could point out that Hitler owned dogs and look at how that turned out. But being a cat owner,I can rise above this sort of thing and offer him a hearty congratulations on his new slave,err,pet...
 Well that is all I have for today......back to the grind.

thanks for reading!

Brad- had to do it,Derek Jeter made me!
Alyce- We're praying for you and your family.


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