Friday, February 3, 2012

Randomness Friday

Its 1:54 pm

   Its Friday once again. Another week in the books. Before I head out to do a gang of errands,I wanted to post something. I like to thank those who have taken the time to come by and read this. When I write my blog,it provides me a escape from thinking about our situation,I may write about what whats going on but its more of a informing then a sit and worry type of feeling. And I know slowly but surely I'll get more and more of you who have followed this blog on FB to come here. Just takes patience.
   Yesterday I headed down to our city hall to register as an Election Poll Worker for the Michigan Primary on 28 Feb. We have to attend two classes and then we work our assigned voting area. I did this once before with my mother when I was 18,you help set up the stations,give out and receive ballots and enter them in the ballot box. Sometimes our voting district is busy,Lori and I have seen lines out the door and other times,you are the only one voting,depends on the issue. I expect a pretty good turnout for the primary as Mittens and Newt will be fighting to see which one gets their ass kicked by Obama come November.
  Also signed up for a 8 week CERT program starting in March. CERT or Community Emergency Response Team is designed to provide additional emergency responders  in case of a major event like a tornado or fire.So  while I was the police station filling out the paperwork,I asked about Poncho the police dog who I met when I worked overnights at the hotel. Seems like Poncho is going to be retired in a month. He was doing some bite work on his training day when his back legs gave out. Since he is almost 11 years old,his time to retire has come. I plan on attending the ceremony because I really love that dog,he was just a amazing cop.
 His partner Brian would eat lunch,check his email or just chill with me at the desk. Poncho used to jump on the desk as well and let me pet him and I asked permission EVERY time,even after Brian said I didn't have to. But I never looked at Poncho as a police dog but as a police officer and I respected him for that.
  I had to call for assistance 3 times when I worked there and two of the times,it was Brian and Poncho who got the call. Watching a 6'3,240 pound cop with a German Shepherd stroll in always commanded a lot of attention,even when the party who I had called on was loud and drunk. They always quieted down and left meekly. I know my wife was very thankful as she hated me working alone at the hotel. I told her I never was worried the days I knew Brian and Poncho were out covering my six. And now Poncho is going to get to live the rest of his days in Brian's home in peace. Couldn't have wished for a better ending for Poncho.
  Stumbled across a new show on NBC which I had heard about but never seen until I watched it On Demand. The show is called "Grimm" and I have to say,I'm pretty hooked by it. The premise,a cop discovers that the characters in the Brothers Grimm fairy tales are real and living among us humans,maybe isn't the most original idea but the stories and the casting (for the most part) really push the show forward. It has sort of a "Angel" feel to it which isn't too surprising since one of the creators is David Greenwalt,who produced "Angel" and also "Buffy the Vampire Slayer".
  While the early shows have sort of had a "Monster of the Week" feel to them and the main character,Nick Burkholdt,trying to find a way to deal with them,some good long term plot lines are also developing to keep the viewer guessing on who is on Nick's side and who isn't. The lead actor,David Giuntoli,has Christopher Reeve/Brandon Routh looks to him and his embracing his role really enhances the show. His partner Hank,played by Russell Hornsby,doesn't know his partner has suddenly become much more then meets the eye. There is even a friendly ally who really is a wolf in people's clothing. It adds up for a great ride and I'm looking forward to seeing where it takes us.
  NBC has managed to do a rare thing and that is to okay a full 22 episode run,it seems like just about every cool show they have put out (hello,The Cape) has gotten a quick hook. Makes it sorta of hard to actually invest any time in watching a new show on the network. But they still seem to find a way to push those horrible Housewives shows and the ultra-creepy child molesting looking Andy Cohen on Bravo...
 Okay,that is all I got for this entry....below is the Grimm preview. The show airs on Friday nights at 9 pm on NBC.

This is Poncho's bio on the CPD's page.

See you tomorrow

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