Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday Musings

  Its 8:18 am

    Its another beautiful chilly morning here in Michigan. I saw my buddy Aaron has posted a new blog entry and that my friend Max has joined my blog. I'm pretty excited for this because I know for sure there will be at one person tossing comments on my politics entries here. And when you are trying to re-establish your blog and readers,every comment is welcome aboard Max!
  Lori and I watched the Oscars last night. We did a repeat of our Grammy night and had a home cooked dinner while they were showing the red carpet. Had a nice roast,mashed potatoes and tried a new twist on the green bean casserole that we saw on Ree Drummond's show on the Food Network. While I will say I enjoyed it very much,sadly the dish really made Lori ill,a small reminder that we still have a unwelcome friend in the house.
 Eating certain foods after gall bladder surgery and then chemo/radiation is like walking a mine field,you really have to watch your diet else you are in for a world of problems. Changing a diet is a slow process to be sure.
One of the things we have really missed is the Maurice salad over at Macy's. Before dinner last night,Lori mentioned she would love to have a salad from there but after yesterday,we have pushed it back a few weeks.
   The normal time frame for a radiation patient to get their full range of appetite back is on a average of 3-4 months,we have just crossed the one month mark. The fact that Lori is enjoying a lot of her favorites is pretty remarkable and Dr. Johnston has commented on that is good sign. And speaking of the doctors...we will be back in Ann Arbor on Friday for a follow-up visit with our pals in Radiation. Fun and adventure to be had for sure...
  Thought the Oscars was so-so..holy crow,who knew Hugo was so good? The only thing I knew about the film was that Guy Pearce was in it. And then it started cleaning up on all the technical awards,I thought "Harry Potter"would get a couple of those as a way of saying "thank-you"after a great run of movies but nope,that didn't happen.
   And what the hell is a "Rango" and how did it beat out "Puss In Boots" for best animated film?
Was happy to see "The Artist" clean up on all the big awards,everyone I know who has seen this movie has been enchanted by it and its star Jean Dujardain,has been so humble in all of his interviews,its refreshing to see new unknown talent rise into the spotlight to be sure.
  Now while I enjoy watching Meryl Streep,I thought it was a big mistake that she won for "The Iron Lady" a film that was roundly panned by both critics and moviegoers alike. Her performance was excellent but when the movie is does that equal Oscar? "The Help"'s Viola Davis should have won hands down last night for her moving performance as a maid in the deep south during the '60s.  Maybe it a back handed way of rewarding Meryl for her role in "Julie/Julia" which was very charming.
  It was a so-so show overall,one that won't really stick after its all said and done.

Tomorrow is our state's primary and I'll be working a very long day...I'm scheduled to work from 6 am to at least 9 pm and I am so damned happy to be doing it. A chance to actually a few bucks is most welcome. Our polling station is at a active fire station,its going to be a little strange hearing engines going out on calls while helping folks complete the ballot process.
  The best thing about this primary season being over is the ending of those damn robocalls. We get about 10 a day from Mittens and Insantorum who spending 30 seconds talking shit about each other. Its the one thing that I agree about both men...they're both full of shit. Mittens is a outta touch multi-millionaire who instead of coming together with Obama and tweaking his healthcare reform that he started and Obama advanced,he is now spouting ads that he would overturn the reforms!!
  And Santorum looks and sounds more and more like an American Osama bin Laden,a foaming at the mouth mad dog who is promising everything to anyone at everyone's expense. Politics as usual....I'll blog about I experience tomorrow on Wednesday.

Actress Sean Young was arrested last night at a party in Santa Monica. That is sad to hear,because of her drinking issues,it seems like Hollywood has turned their backs on her and she really can't seem to find any roles these days. Which is a shame because she really is a good actress. The good thing the report didn't mention was that she was drinking and that it was a "citizen's arrest" which probably means she was trying to crash a party. Of course we'll all know the scoop once the stalkerazzi shows come on tonight...just hope it was a just a misunderstanding cause I'm still a fan of hers and I would like to see her work again soon.

Okay,that is all I got for today....enjoy your day and I'll be on Wednesday.


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