Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl Sunday

Its 10:56 am

      Still downloading some tunes on the iPod. Doing so I have discovered that so much of my music is old.
How does one have 1,200 CDs and maybe own 5 or 6 that have released in the past five years? Is it the sad state of radio,the music industry,the lack of a good music store or being broke the past two years? Probably a combination of all of the above.
 Looking at the small stack I brought up to download....will anyone recognize any of these singers/bands?

The October Project
Eric Stuart Band
Van Helsing score by Alan Silvestri
Sarah Brightman,okay I know everyone will know Sarah but wait...I have more!
Monster Mania
Mary Chapin Carpenter
The Untamed Youth
and one of my very favorite bands and artists,Cockeyed Ghost

  Talked to my brother yesterday. He is works in Portland,Oregon at a shipyard that handles both private and military shipping. Despite some bumps in the road,he has really worked very hard at his craft and now has been rewarded with a promotion. To help him celebrate,the yard's General Manager gave my brother and a another supervisor a pair of court side tickets to yesterday's Nuggets-Trailblazers game.
  One of the guys that my brothers with has been having some serious domestic issues at home as of late. My brother,being his friend and now his supervisor,knows this guy is a valuable teammate and wants to lift his spirits. So what does he do? He gives the guy his ticket and tells him to enjoy himself. The other supervisor says that may have been a bad idea since the GM gave them the tickets,not the regular worker.
  My brother emails the GM,explains somewhat the situation and says he didn't mean any disrespect by giving away such a nice gift. The GM comes back and says that what my brother did was the right call and he was the one who was very impressed by my brother's action.
  Yeah,I'm very proud of Phil....he really is starting to roll and roll large!
Today is Super Bowl Sunday. While normally I would most likely skip it because I have to utterly HATE the hype around the game,my wife likes to watch the ads. This is the only NFL game she'll watch with me,she doesn't mind watching college football and she rather watch my little San Jose State team on ESPN then any Lions/Steelers games.
   I have written about the time where we watched SJSU play Nevada a couple of years back on ESPN2. Nevada scored early and a lot and at 21-0 with no hope to win,we switched the game off...but during commerical breaks,she would encourage me to check the game in case a miracle was happening. No chance of that happening,every time we turned on the game,Nevada was scoring a TD. She said maybe it was a instant replay since they kept showing Colin Kopernick scoring on the same play. It wasn't a replay,he was just scoring...and Nevada ended up winning,62-6.
  But I think she is secretly amused by watching me root for the Spartans,I get so jacked come July and August,I buy the Phil Steele preview book and make it my Bible as I study the depth chart and see how Phil ranks our new recruits.
  The first game comes along and there we are....playing USC,Alabama,Wisconsin and of course the rich pukes from Stanford. I would have added Georgia but since they begged off playing us....*LOL*.
We Spartans fans have come to expect a beatdown in our first game,we get a little depressed but hope burns eternal. I try and explain that SJS used to be a very strong regional power,sort of like the fake Spartans of Michigan State are now. It means we're good but not good enough to go out and play with teams like Bama,USC and Ohio State on a weekly basis.
  She watches as the season goes on and we start losing more and more,the air slowly deflates from my high hopes for a New Mexico Bowl bid and all that I'm hoping for is that we don't lose to Idaho,Utah State or Louisiana Tech....which we did this year.
  But big wins over Navy and Fresno State have left me happy and not really caring about the NFL/Super Bowl.  Of course my fellow Raider and Lions friends can agree with me as the only time they play in the Super Bowl is on the Madden video football game.
 So I guess I'm going to finish my downloads,take a shower,run a errand and get ready for some homemade pizza tonight.....better squeeze in a 3 mile walk as well if I'm going there!
 Tomorrow is House Projects day so there won't be a post.
I'll leave you with the sorely missed The October Project.

and will someone other then the wonderful Pam Kelly drop a comment? *LOL*

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