Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Losing a life,saving lives

Its 8:31 am

    Nice crisp morning outside. I can see our local dog walker with her two Greyhounds down the street. Those dogs look fast even when they are standing still. First time I have seen her in a quite a while.
 Caught a little of the Super Bowl on Sunday. Game was a little boring to me but am amused how Coughlin of the New York Giants seems to have to New England's Billichek's number as of late. Why everyone is acting like this is a such a big event is also funny because Coughlin knows what any real football knows....you can't win if you can't RUN the ball! New England hasn't had a real rushing back in quite a while. You can can win games with a passing attack but you win championships with a running game.
  My wife wanted to watch the Madonna show at half-time so we checked it out. It was pretty much as we expected...lots of dancers,lip synched and pushing Madonna's new single. Safe and gaudy...and hoping next year they'll have a live band again.  The ads were so-so with the Doritos ad showing the dog killing the cat being the worst ad by a long shot. As I said,a pretty boring Super Bowl.
   But the 8th annual Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet was a lot of fun to watch this year. The Puppy Bowl features animals are are looking for homes and are featured playing football (the puppies),creating a kick ass half-time show (kittens),cheerleaders (pot bellied pigs) and flying a blimp covering the game (hamsters).
 The premise is to have different groups of puppies come onto a football field and romp around with each other and several chew toys. And if a puppy manages to grab a toy and cross the goal-line,its a touchdown.
Different dogs play until they get tired out then a fresh group runs out. Half-time features the cats who are up for adoption getting their moment in the sun along the pigs and other animals. Its pretty funny actually and the play by play announcer has a lot of fun with the dog's antics.
  What was also pretty cool was we had homemade pizza,the first time since radiation. While we normally load it up with tomato sauce,pepperoni,fresh tomatoes and onions,we played it safe by making it a very lean and basic pepperoni because we didn't know how Lori's stomach could handle it. She managed a slice and a half with no ill effects. This was cause for a big celebration to be sure! Well that and the fact she has discovered she loves cranberry juice after I have been trying to get her to try it for years.
  Its sort of strange when I sit and write this blog out. I feel like I'm sort of repeating myself on some past entries but that is because I also feel I'm writing for people who may stumble across this from Blogspot or other areas and not just the current Inner Circle readers of which have seem to have dropped off after I landed here. I knew it was a risk but I decided to chance it anyways,right?
 Besides my buddy Scorpion just reviewed this blog on his latest entry of "As My Stomach Turns"

This is what he wrote:
nd that now brings me to the last (but certainly NOT least) in this list.  I met Michael "Booker" Sullivan back when I was dating Brat/Melissa back in the late 90's.  At the time, he was a talent buyer for a club in San Jose.  Not only did we have a mutual love for music off the beaten path, but it turns out that Booker is a pretty mean Risk player, too.  (A pause for a moment for the local Peanut Gallery Risk players to stop twitching and convulsing as they recall the wicked thrashings we all took from Booker on the Risk board the times he ventured out this way).  We also discovered that we both wrote e-mail newsletters.  While AMST/B has pretty much stayed the same over the years, Booker's has evolved as his life has changed.  Booker moved out to the Detroit area about 12 years ago, and he lives with his wife, Lori, who is battling cancer.
His blog, now called "The Inner Circle" is a well worded and highly opinionated (and I say that in a good way, natch) look at politics (especially Detroit's, where Booker leaves no sacred cow uncooked), as well as his life and his wife's battle with cancer.  Booker also talks entertainment, weather it's music, movies, comics, TV shows.  But not a lot of celebrity gossip, which is nice.

I am very thankful for the kind words and I have to say,not only is Aaron's blog a hoot to read but his other bloggers he is pushing as well are also very much worth reading. To see Aaron's blog,just click the link on the right hand side of the page under "Blogs I Follow".

  And speaking of politics in the Detroit area.....I wrote recently how busted up the EMS services are in the city. Broken ambulances,lack of good equipment,a credit rating so bad the city can't get a loan to buy new units...a local journalist here in our area,Charlie LeDuff,has been bringing horror story after horror story of the people who have died waiting for help. The misspent money,the corrupt officials. The stories often end with Charlie saying "We contacted the Mayor's office or the City Council for comment but haven't heard back"
 Well this past Sunday, a 40 year old cop suffered a heart attack while on duty at his station. A call to EMS was put through but after waiting 10 minutes for the bus,they loaded up the cop in the back of a squad car and dashed to the ER to no avail. The ambulance showed up 12 minutes after they rushed the cop to the hospital. 22 minutes....22 minutes for a officer down! But what makes this story really bitterly ironic?
The cop was the brother of Charles Pugh,the President of the City Council. So now Charles gets to experience what so many other Detroit families have....a lifetime of thinking "What if he/she had gotten the help they needed in a timely fashion?". Makes you think that perhaps a Emergency Manager is indeed needed if only to make sure the city gets some better equipment NOW instead of lives being lost by a 22 minute wait for a broken ambulance.
   I have blogged before about the Bloody Mile,when we used to live in Northville,we lived off 7 Mile Road. I have written about the incredible loss of animal life there. It got so bad that I started carrying a shovel and plastic bags with me to scrape off the poor souls killed by drivers driving too fast. I saw everything,dogs,cats,deer,coons and even a huge snapping turtle that had been hit and killed. Soon another man also joined me in taking these dead creatures off the road. Lori and her friends started calling us "Road Angels". But what I really wanted was a couple if signs,a "Deer Crossing" or a "Children at Play" sign up as to help slow the traffic down. I called and emailed the county endless times begging for those signs. I went to the Department of Natural Resources to get some help but they again said it was the County's job.
  I wrote that someone would be killed if nothing was done and sure enough,in the past calender year,3 people have now lost their lives on 7 Mile. A popular radio personality,another person and now a cook from a Chinese diner we used to eat at. She was killed crossing the road on the way from work. While she was crossing in the street and not at the light as the Northville cop pointed out,I like to point out that are NO crosswalks at the corner of 7 Mile and Silver Springs which would be the closest light. And why is that? That light has a major apartment complex on one side and a active mall on the other side that includes a bank. And still no crosswalk?
   I'm mentioning this because I recent have befriend a county commissioner on FB named Kevin McNamara.
Kevin has recently made headlines by calling out the dirty politics by our county executive,Robert Ficano. He must have struck a nerve because all of a sudden,a tape popped up that show Kevin dangerously close to getting arrested for a DUI. While he was legally under the limit and was driven home by a Canton police department cop,the tape was released to embarrass Kevin and his family.
  When I commented how disappointing to see a public official so close to the edge,he personally wrote me and again said how sorry he was. Now that takes heart for a guy who really didn't have to take the time to say sorry to anyone,come out and personally hold himself accountable. I gained a whole new level of respect for Kevin and now am asking for his help in getting two crosswalks painted and some deer crossing/Children At Play signs up on 7 Mile. Its pretty sad when you see more crosses of the people killed on that road then you do warning signs.
   But I believe we'll see action in 90 days by Kevin in getting this done. I'll keep you updated.
Time to end this on a lighter note. I have been uploading my iPod as of late and now am walking with it. I have over 900 songs of which maybe 170 I put on for Lori. So went out last night and walked until I heard 15 songs play. I figured,15 songs x 3 minute average equals 45 minutes. I hit shuffle play and headed out. Of the 15 songs that played....7 were hers! Its not that they are bad but I'm not really a Coldplay kinda guy. Just thought it was funny.

Here is the link to the report of Charles Pugh's brother passing. My deepest sympathy to his family.

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