Thursday, February 16, 2012

Randomness and finally the return of a old favorite!

Its 11:21 am

   Just a fast little entry....
I know what is a weak point here in blogging at Blogspot. The comment cannot comment here very easily unless you have a Blogspot/Blogger account or a Gmail account. Which makes sense since Google owns the site,hence why you can't post any videos unless they are on YouTube.
 I have gotten several notes and comments in the old group that they liked/disliked the entry but hardly any comments here itself. Sort of sucks...but blogging here overall is pretty fun and there are a TON of good writers on here that you can explore so signing up for a account may not be such a bad thing.
   The second bit of news I have is finally bringing back a interview series I ran over on DeadSpace called "8 Questions with...." which garnered a lot of traffic. I interviewed just about everyone I was inspired to ask some jazz singer Jane Monheit,Gretchen Peters,journalist Stephen Clark and many others. Many were just ordinary folks who had no claim to fame but were interesting people nonetheless.
 I have been wanting to bring back this series for a LONG time and now I have done so. So don't be too shock to get a message from me asking you for a interview!
   The first person that will be featured in the 8 Questions series will be author Joan Lemon,who has written a very nice horror anthology called "Night Shade". So I will post that interview pretty soon and see who else we can talk to.
   Has anyone checked the new show on the National Geographic Channel called "Doomsday Preppers"?
The show features 4 different families who are preparing for a major event that will cause our society to erupt in a earthquake,EMP event,depression and even a super volcano! You get to see how these folks store food,weapons,resources in constant readiness for that event. Some of folks are hardcore,some are just a little goofy but their belief in being ready is interesting to watch.
  Now while in no way are we prepared for anything that major,we do have a pantry in our basement where we have stocked up on a few items because of my not having a job as of yet. We have a deep freezer along with shelving that we store food and basic needs on. Many times we have shopped our pantry in making our weekly menu.
 But these folks take this to a whole new having over 100k in food put away. Some folks have turned their homes into compounds and have built defenses,including fall back (or in Prepperspeak.."bug out places") positions in case the compound is threatened with being overcome by invaders.
I know it sounds a little far-fetched but when you look at a place like Haiti that even today is completely wiped out from that earthquake,these folks make more sense then one might give them credit for.
The show airs on Tuesday nights....worth checking out.

Well that is all for now....Lori and I will be going to the Holocaust Museum in Farmington tomorrow. Lori has actually visited the real camps when she and her friend Shawn went to Europe years ago. But this will be our first time to this scared place. I will blog about our visit on Saturday.

Thanks for reading!

Tracey and Dawn.....thank you so much for your feedback!
Scorpion- Will we see you on Preppers??
Brad - My thanks to the Pirates for taking A.J. off our hands.
Lisa Ann- Hell yeah is right!!
Alyce- stay strong!

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