Monday, February 20, 2012

Free Speech and other sprack on a Monday

 Its 12:32 pm

     Got iTunes on shuffle.....James Horner's score to "Braveheart" is the first song up. Got some coffee (my first cup in 3 days) and Derek Jeter is sitting on the couch reading my George Bush book. I know when he reads something good because he'll let out this low "meow" or a "pffft". Yeah,my cat likes his politics.

  Was wondering if anyone outside of the metro Detroit area heard about the 56 year old writing student who was suspended for writing a essay called "Hot For Teacher"which was based on his college teacher?
 Joseph Corlett,who is married,wrote his essay based on his teacher's looks. He used several sexually charged words in describing how his teacher appeared to him each day in class.
  Corlett,who attends Oakland University in Rochester,Michigan,is a aspiring writer and has received As from the same teacher about his other works in regards of his attraction to women. He said even his own wife didn't seem to have a problem with what he wrote. He also says he had never gotten so much as a warning from any faculty member in regards to his writing. Now he says that the university has violated his 1st Amendment rights and he is upset that school has suspended him for a year.
   Really....I mean,really? A 56 year married man is going to sit there and write a sexually charged essay about his professor and he has no problems with that? And of course he has given no thought to the teacher's rights and feelings. If she was upset enough to turn your ass in Joey,then you should have been talking to her and apologizing for acting more like a 13 year old junior high student. The fact is,you come across looking more like a potential stalker and rapist then you do a writer and a married man.
  The fact you are on every local TV station crying over your rights being "stepped on" and not once,even ONCE,saying that "Yes,I may have crossed the line with my teacher and I am deeply sorry for that" says everything that we need to know about you. And using the lame excuse that you based your story on a old Van Halen song is even more stupid,doesn't ya think Joey?
  I think the university had every right to suspend you and to protect the teacher's right not to have a student sit there and rape her with his thoughts and deeds. As Lori said,"If this had been on a job site,we wouldn't even  be having this discussion,because this would be a open and shut case of sexual harassment".
  I guess what really sort of creeps me about this...I wonder if this guy has daughters,one sort of shudders thinking about that given his self-admitted obsession with women.
  As for his "rights",free speech doesn't give you free reign to trample on someone's else rights. Maybe instead of a writing class,Joey might do well to sit in with a therapist or a women rape survivor's group and learn that they are people,not objects.

  Just heard on the news that a 9 month old baby was killed by two men who shot up the house with 2 AK-47s. Now I wonder if the local media will cover this story like they have Jane Bashera's murder,you know,24-7 coverage,prime-time specials. Hell,Fox 2's ace reporter Amy Lange was there so much on the Bashera case the Gross Pointe Park police made her a honorary cop!
 But for some reason,I don't think we'll get that...but I do like to think the community in Detroit will speak the hell up and turn these guys in. Neighbors said the two killers were in a grey van and stopped in the middle of the street. They calmly and slowly got out,armed themselves and just shot the shot out of the house. They then got back in their van and with no hurry,drove away leaving that baby broken and dead on the floor.
Good ol' Detroit strikes again....just praying that justice strikes back....

Okay.....let's go a little softer,shall we?

Lori's Aunt Emma turned 100 yesterday.  Just amazing....but the real bear is as it always is when shopping for Emma,just what do you give a person who turns 100??? My suggestion was a blind date with Justin Verlander but for some reason the family shot that down....
   I have a secret.....I think Il Divo is one of the coolest vocal groups ever.

Today is the first day of Spring Training for baseball. And of course the fans of the mighty Yankee Nation are once again excited. While we're sort of bummed that our team is still getting older without much youth coming in,the pitching staff is looking very strong and my early opinion of fighting the Red Sox for 3rd place may have been a little premature. If the Yanks can find a couple of good long men in the 'pen and lighten David Robertson's workload,the Yanks could definitely challenge for 2nd place. "Well Michael,why not first place?" I can hear some of you asking. Because Tampa Bay is loaded with excellent arms and with the Yankees getting out of the gate a little slower each year due to older players still finding their groove,Tampa will strike first and should be able to get nice lead in the AL Beast. Of course if Tampa struggles on the road,the Yanks can stay close and could contend.
  And yes,the Subway Series bet I have with my good buddy and New York Mets fan,Tom Leyden will take place for the 3rd year. And once again,the hunt is on for a cheap Mets cap...or hell,even a t-shirt. If any of my   readers can score me a cheap cap,I will gladly pay for long as its not more then the payroll of the real Mets team,you know....3 or 4 bucks should do it.
  The Tiger ownership has just installed a huge new big screen just in time for the season. While fans think it was installed to help the fans see the game better,it really installed so they could fit Prince Fielder on it for the TV feeds.
  Now as for the Minnesota Twins and San Francisco Giants.....

Well that is all I got for now......Derek has started chewing his Bush book....

Thanks for reading

Renee- thanks for the kind words.
Brad,Adrian and Sharon J - pfffft!
Slade and Coco- Can you help a fellow baseball pal with that Met's cap THIS year??
Tom- Not to worry,I won't be actually wearing it this year!!
Smokey Myers - home at last!!!!


  1. It was a creative writing class, it was the students journal and he repeatedly asked the teacher if there were any rules to the assignment. He was told no, whatever you want it to be, it can be. It is an over-reaction by the school, similar to your over-reaction. He will get an apology from the school before it's over. She needs to grow up.


  2. Thank you for taking the time to both read and comment,MM. But I disagree with you here. Its quite simple actually...just because you CAN,doesn't mean you SHOULD. Corlett crossed the line in this case. Common sense should tell you not to write sexually graphic papers about your professor. And if he decides to sue,watch him lose there as well. Or maybe you feel the woman doesn't have any rights?

  3. She does not have a right not to be offended, which is exactly what you are advocating. Again, it was a *creative* writing class! If you hogtie everyone who you feel may write something offensive to you, what are you teaching? Nothing but conformity. Submission. Socialism.

    But I believe that is what you are defending, no?

  4. So I suppose when someone writes/says/does anything that causes another to feel threatened,its called being creative?
    Is this your defense of Joseph? The teacher has every right and expectation not feel uncomfortable within her class.
    Joseph's lack of common sense is what hogtied him. He feels HIS rights are far more important then hers and is willing to stomp her rights to express his. Might makes right?
    Joseph uber alles? Is this what you are defending MM?