Wednesday, February 15, 2012

So you're Pro-Life? But are you really?

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Sitting here with the mighty Barbara Manning ripping shit up on the iPod....its 40 degrees outside,the snow we got is slowly heading into the curbside.
  Today was my volunteer day for the TEFAP program my city runs. I stayed almost 3 hours helping out. I helped about 25 guests with their packages and broke down the boxes that the food came in.
The guests were chatty today,a lot of times they come in,we load the bags up and head out to the cars. Most,if not all,always say "thank you" or "have a blessed day". But today they  wanted to I took a few extra minutes to to listen while they talked. Its the least I can do....a guest told me that one of the two food giveaways in Westland has been closed due to the lack of funds. The other one is so swamped,they have have about 300+ that wait in line. Westland also has a police car stationed at the site and she said they are so unorganized compared to our program. Of course we are only helping 70 people on a regular basis so it allows us to work fast and as a well oiled machine. But if we were suddenly hit with with hundreds of needy folks,I like to think we could handle it as a team.
  So of cool to come in today and see my visitor tracker filled with different people from different places,including Russia. Now I don't know if they are really reading my blog or spambots but since I haven't gotten any goofy comments,I am thinking they are real folks and I'm here to say "welcome".

So....the gist of today's entry. As you all know the recent Obama decision to make churches offer birth control on any health insurance they offer is causing a little uproar. And I have to ask,why so serious?
The Catholic Church (and if I offend any Catholics...well,sometimes the truth does hurt) is leading voice against abortion rights as are many right wing teapublicans. But why are they? Why is a unborn fetus so much important then a living,breathing child or adult?
Nolan Finley is the editor of the editorial page and his voice is the voice of the Detroit News. And Nolan is about right wing leaning as they get,he is always taking potshots at any Democrat he sees fits that deserves it.
He is a frequent guest on the Let It Rip show that Fox 2 hosts on Thursday nights. Now I disagree with most everything he says...but after following the birth control flap and reading that 40 of the 50 most violent cities in the world are in Catholic countries,it got me thinking....are Pro-Lifers really pro-life?
  Let me ask you,what is your idea of life here in America? Go to school,go to college,get married raise a family,own a home,have a pool,retire somewhere nice.
  The American Dream,right? We all should be able to shoot for the dream,right? Not if you're a Pro-Lifer.
Nolan Finley,a teapublican,wrote a sobering editorial that bears to be read and talked about.
He writes in that if we here want to reduce violent crime,help kids quit dropping out of school,fight poverty...we need to really push the birth control here in Michigan. Michigan is awash in babies.
Nolan says "We have a baby problem here in Michigan. Too many babies are born to immature parents who don't have the skills to raise them,too many are delivered by poor women who can't afford them and too many are fathered by sorry layabouts who spread their seed like dandelions and then wander away from the consequences".

A joke I once heard "Whats the most confusing day in the ghetto? Father's Day". Yeah,some joke....

Back to Nolan's column:
"Last year in Michigan alone,43 percent of the babies born in Michigan were to single mothers. And though Medicaid pays for birth control,half the babies were born to mothers on welfare. 18% were born to teenagers who already had a child. And almost 20% were born to mothers with no high school diploma.
In Michigan,poverty is as much a cultural one as a economic one."

But lets be honest here....the Pro-Life movement is a racial attack on minorities,especially on the black and Latino communities. And of course,hiding behind the Bible to try and justify their hatred. Because how a so called man of God condemn a President for wanting to prevent anyone being born into abject poverty and call it murder yet stay absolutely quiet while this country drowns in a sea of app. 260 million privately owned guns. "Thou Shalt Not Kill" is not a subjective scripture to be applied at anyone's whim. And as we know,death comes in many shades and a murder,a drug addiction,being born in a society in which there is NO chance to live a worthwhile life. You see the PSAs of the guy showing poor kids living with no clean water,no food,no schools,no future....and you tell,how is he better being born then not. Instead of sinking our funds into welfare and encouraging the cycle of poverty to continue,by teaching and not rewarding these types of unwanted births,wouldn't be better to sink those funds in schools and colleges,allowing the kids we have now to be able to afford to go the school and improve both themselves and their communities?
 But see,that is what the Pro-Lifers are scared of....they WANT the unwanted births,the baby mama drama,the shows on Springer where a mom is DNA testing 9 men to see who is the baby daddy is.
They WANT the poverty,the continued cycle of violence and death,all the more for their own kids to have less competition for the classrooms,colleges and jobs.

From Nolan's column:
"I spoke to a educator who is dealing with a single mother in her 30s who has 12 kids with a 13th on the way. The kids have a assortment of fathers with one thing in common,no one wanted to marry their mother. This woman's womb is a poverty factory.
And who is supporting these kids? We,as taxpayers,are....the roughly 45,000 kids born on the welfare rolls is a major reason why Medicaid will eat up 25% of Michigan's entire budget for the YEAR!!!!"

That comes out to 16 Billion spent on these babies. 16 Billion that could be spent on better schools,equipment,AMBULANCES,job programs,road improvements,etc....instead we are losing these funds to so called Pro-Lifers who then sit back in their teapublican palaces and order cuts to the same social programs that these folks cling too to survive and call it an "entitlement". Aye,the snake has a forked tongue indeed,doesn't it?

Again...Nolan Finley writes:
  These kids are more likely to grow up to be a strain on Corrections spending or become welfare recipients themselves. They will drain money from the schools and universities that could break this cycle.  In the 1990s Michigan considered penalizing women who had more babies while on the welfare rolls but PRO-LIFE groups killed that idea out of fear it would lead to more abortions".

But not because that would have been unfair to the women because it takes two to tangle. Pro-Lifers don't care about women or their rights....never have,never will. And you are telling me there couldn't be a system designed to stop a woman from abusing the abortion process? Its not birth control and should never be considered as such.

Nolan,one more time.
   Now the state is trying other measures,including attacking school truancy and the new 4 year limit for welfare benefits. (After an initial outcry about that 4 year limit,there has been a upsurge in job training programs participation).
Now,says state Human Services Director Maura Corrigan,the state is trying to get at generational poverty. "We're studying positive incentives to change."
But she says the cultural breakdown is a strong tide to row against.
"We watching marriage move from being part of the social fabric to being merely optional",says Corrigan,who devotes her personal time to working with disadvantaged children. "The kids I mentor don't know people who are married".
They do know people whose irresponsible behavior is being subsidized by their neighbors. And as long as taxpayers of Michigan keep paying for them,those babies will keep coming.

So apply this column to your own state,your own inner cities and the next time someone says they are Pro-Life,ask them "Are you really"?.

Thanks for reading and feel free to comment.

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