Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thursday night

Its 8:00 pm

   What started out as a hectic day has turned into a slow moving yet progressive one. Its still bitterly cold here in Michigan,it reached 30 degrees with snow flurries.
After having a bad night yesterday,we once again got up early and headed for infusion,we were expecting to head to Ann Arbor right after that. But a funny thing happened,the hospital urged us not to come..not because they couldn't help but they are afraid of Lori catching another infection. Sort of made sense and as I chatted with Melanie this morning,a thought crossed my mind....I noticed a common thread when Lori got sick...she was complaining about stomach pains. See,when I had my kidney stone,my lower back hurt but as the pain got worse,that is when the nausea was really that bad. Now I'm thinking maybe that is what is happening here....the stomach pains are causing the vomiting issues. So I'm trying a new tactic....we're going to hit that pain with Norco when it shows up...(Norco is basically Tylenol on steroids). So far so good,she has drank 2 Boosts and two pudding cups with no issues. Tomorrow we're going to try soup again....I feel if we can get 3-4 days of good eating in without any problems,we're going to be on our way that is my most fervent hope and prayer.
   The ground swell of support is continuing..another sweet card came in the mail today,I got permission from  my FB friend and fellow Starship Trooper fanatic Arek to post our story on his 800+ Starship Trooper fan page. I think that is just amazing and I'm very,very grateful to you Arek for this.
 After reading last nights blog about how much Boost costs,my friend Theresa wrote and offered me a tip on a way to perhaps getting some help there which I will be doing tomorrow.
  Friday will be a day on the house,driving Lori to St. Thomas a'Beckett to formally join the church,paying the water bill and other small tasks in order to be ready for her brother's visit on Saturday.
I won't see very much of them as I'm working Saturday afternoon and then back at it Sunday morning. But that is okay,they need to have private time to talk. When I get home,we'll either head to Ikea or perhaps just stay home and watch a movie...just as long as we're all together.
Can you believe over a million Americans have been murdered by guns since John Lennon was killed back in 1980??? 1,057,000 so,that  is just beyond staggering,its a national epidemic!

Thank you again for your support and love....

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