Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Home at Last

Its 8:03 pm

   Just a quick entry.....Lori is home at last after 12 very days at the hospital. Very happy she is home to say the least. She is sleeping on the living room couch for now while I type this out. Tomorrow will see a R.N come to the house and show me how to inject a med into her port. I just returned from CVS where I picked up 6 new meds and refilled two others.Our little bag where we keep Lori's meds is going to need a serious upgrade...."you're going to need a bigger bag".
I don't know how often I'll be able to write,depends on how well she is feeling to tell you the truth...

But for now,all is good here at our house.


  1. That is great news that she is home. Let us know if you need anything. Even though we are a few thousand miles away we can send a care package of some things you need. Love & prayers to you both!

    1. Thanks Michelle.....when should we expect Smokey and what is his favorite food?