Sunday, March 17, 2013

St. Patrick's Day

Its 6:00 pm

    Its a cold day here in SE I was at work,the only thing that kept going through my mind was that I definitely should have dressed warmer. Its sort of weird,we have had a lot colder days but today,I really seemed to feel it in my bones.

  But the day was beautiful,blue skies with patches of light clouds...winter is trying to hang on but baseball is coming and so is spring!
 Been watching my Yankees sputter through a miserable spring,they seem to in such a mess in terms of having a decent roster this year...with A-Roid on the shelf until July (barring a 100 game suspension that MLB might hit him with),Derek Jeter slowly coming back from a broken ankle and the rotation a bit iffy,still am forecasting a 4th place finish behind Tampa,Baltimore and Toronto yet will still finish ahead of Boston.
Of course this will tickle my favorite baseball fanatics Brad (who roots for the Twins),Slade Wilson and Tom Leyden (both diehard Mets fans),Sydney (who can talk some serious trash despite rooting for the now dangerous Indians) and Coco (while rooting for the Red Sox,still has a soft spot for the Mets). I love talking baseball with these folks and I am hoping Brad will be doing his baseball blog again so I can share it here with you guys!

Of course it goes without saying that every friend who roots for the Kittens,err,Tigers,is telling me in no uncertain terms that they are going to win this year...but we'll see. They look good but I really don't any improvement on defense and as the Tigers found out painfully,hitting wins divisions but pitching and defense wins championships.

 Lori is resting on the couch today,her friend Deb came over and spent the day with her while I was at work. Deb is Lori's best friend and was her maid of honor at our wedding. They had a good visit just talking about memories and old friends. I got home and did the medicine rounds and fixed her cream of tomato soup. Sadly we now know that tomato soup will not be a food we can have at all...she lost her dinner after 35 minutes. I know tomorrow she'll have to be hydrated across the street but I'm okay with this. I would like to figure out why she isn't drinking more water. I bought a case of Ice Mountain water

which I think is a good bottled water. I know many think bottled water is a waste of cash as water is water but I don't agree. I do feel Ice Mountain is the best tasting one out there and I hope it can help Lori drink a little more then she does now.
  Today was a little better,managed to keep some chicken soup down and after I finish this entry,I'm making warm pudding for her...which is pretty exciting to say the least.

So how many of you folks had some sort of fun on St. Patrick's Day? What did you see,eat and drink? I hope someone will drop a comment below as to how they spent the day. I know Detroit does a big parade and that Chicago dyes their river green every holiday. But I want to hear what traditions other folks and towns observe. Come and share a little bit...

   So Lori and I are watching the 3rd season of "The Vanilla Ice Project" on DIY Network. We stumbled across the show when it came on a couple of years ago. Seems like Rob Van Winkle (aka Vanilla Ice) has settled in Florida and started flipping houses that a group of investors bankrolls. Turns out he is a whiz at and has made a very nice living at it. He has a small core crew that goes with him and spends months taking busted,foreclosed homes and flipping them for large paydays. The show follows Vanilla as he transforms the home,including adding his own personal touches throughout the project.
  Its a very cool show to watch and it really comes out that Vanilla Ice has really made peace within himself,that he has found his place in the world. Oh he still does small shows and even pops up in films once in a while but ridicule he once got seems very much in the past. He comes across as a pretty mellow guy and a good father to his daughters who have helped him on the 2nd season house.
  The current season is now half way done but you can find more info about the show by going here:
The Vanilla Ice Project.

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Debbie T - Awesome bonus for your excellent work!!
Tom - Go Gaels!
Scorpion - Time for a new Stomach already!
Denise V. - still waiting for your results.
Michelle,Christa,Cheryl - Thank for the cards and beautiful words
Brad - I need a link to your baseball blog.
Amy,Michelle B- thank you as always for your support.
John Branch - Congrats on the engagement! I wish you both a long and HEALTHY marriage!!!

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