Wednesday, March 6, 2013

21st Century Battlefield: Helping one of Detroit's Finest

Its 11:09 pm

 You're a hard working police officer. You have worked 19 years in one of the toughest,most violent cities in America. You strive every day to make a difference despite having broken equipment,less brothers in blue then the year before. Your last two mayors,one a convicted felon,the other a blunder,egotistical fool who forced out the one leader who cared about his men and appointed a man who had no moral or ethical center.
Your fellow cops aren't even safe in their own station houses...morale is getting worse while you are forced to take a steep pay cut. You could go to another city,a seasoned cop with 19 years is a real asset somewhere,right?
  But you love your city,you stay....because you still want to believe that you didn't waste those years,that somewhere,somehow they counted for something.
   Things are getting tight now...the money has so many different places to go....and now you get the news,your wife is ill...cancer. How can you handle that,working 12 hour shifts,with a 10% pay cut plus huge cuts in heath and pensions? Yet you do...every day,you gear your shift,try and get your beloved wife the best care possible. Some of the drugs and tests you need,your insurance won't cover. You grit your teeth and continue to move forward.
 What more can you handle? Juggle? Balance? How about a faulty furnace catching fire and almost burning down the home. You have home owners insurance but can't afford the 2,500 deductible to get the ball rolling,to get the damage repaired so your sick wife can continue her fight.
You take have 15 bucks in the bank and a quarter tank of gas....19 years you have served this city and this is what it has come down.

But your fellow brothers in blue see what has happened and there is now way they are going to let you continue to fight this alone.They are going to try and help...they quickly raise over 2,200 for you.
Not enough,not nearly enough....but perhaps more help may come ....maybe others who may read this will somehow manage to help you in small ways. Like the writer of this blog,who has no money to give but has a forum in which to share your story. Maybe some of his readers will repost or share this story,maybe some will donate what they can. Who knows.....but we have to try. We can't let a good cop who has spent 19 years in the trenches of hell go through this ordeal and say nothing. And so,Officer Eric Ewing of the Detroit Police Department,this is my small attempt to help out,to say I care,to acknowledge the service that you have given.

Local police officer in need.

The link is how Fox 2 covered the story.

If you care to donate anything,here is the address of the Detroit Police Department.
 13530 Lesure St, Detroit, MI 48227
attn: Ofc Eric Ewing.

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  1. I've shared the story on my facebook page at and I'll post on my blog as well.

    The story of Detroit is a sad one and I'm so sorry for what those brave men and women are going through. My prayers are with Eric and his family during this time. And you know you and Lori have mine too XO