Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Medical Update: Fighting On...

Its 5:16 pm

    I'm home today. Lori's best friend is going to sit with her tonight while I clean and fold laundry,pay the bills and other household chores.
Lori's aunt called the house and she had said to share the news,again I had to be the one to deliver the sad news. This is the roughest part so far,telling her family that there isn't going to be a happy ending. I told her aunt that everyone could call the house tonight to get any information and ask any questions.

  As far as the update goes,the good news is the Foley catheter is out and the doctors are going to try a new treatment plan to help clear out Lori's digestive system. She still has the neogastric tube in place as she is still draining the yucky green bile but its coming out at a much slower pace,this might mean the antibiotics are working much better. Her spirits sounded much better and she complained of being hungry which to me is a great sign. Now we just have to get her over the C-diff hump and then she can perhaps eat very soon.
This will be a true challenge as she is trying to fight off four different infections...
  The bad news is there is nothing they can do about the tears in the bladder walls. They could cauterize them but all it would is promote more tears. We are going to have to learn to deal with this issue.
  I brought her a book about the sites and sounds of Ann Arbor to read...looking forward to planning out a few trips to see what this town has to offer,we just never fully realized just how many nooks and crannies Ann Arbor had to offer in the way of museums and art galleries. And we're going to see some Detroit Tigers games as well...I might even have to break out a Tigers cap this season..
 The big goal is just to live our lives as we always have,in love,for each other and always a team. That is what marriage is really about,isn't it?
 I can't say enough about the outpouring of love and support we have been starting to receive. I always felt you get what you give to society. We have tried very hard to be compassionate and caring people and the folks who know us in real life know how much we do care about others.
  Life without grace is no kind of life,to be able to give back to others thru a kind word,a gesture,volunteering is to leave a legacy. We have no children and Lori was upset that no one would remember what we have gone through,nothing more could be further from the truth. Even now I can see and feel how much of a impact other people's lives have had on us. There is a scene from the film "300" where a loyal Spartan soldier is dying next to Leonidas and says "Its a honor to die by your side" and Leonidas says in return "It was a honor to have lived by yours".
 I am writing this blog as a testament to the love I have for my wife and also to hopefully blaze a small trail of hope,light and endurance to a fellow human being who may find themselves in this fight like the brave Amy Neilson or Sean Connaughton. I never met either one of them but they left such a bright light that has helped us in this struggle....they,even after death,are celebrated more for the life they led then mourned for the way they died. It is my most fervent wish that Lori will be remembered like that....
Now where did I put that Tigers schedule at? And of course the huge cat show next month....and the Farmer's Market is coming up soon....I better end this entry and start my list....

Thanks for reading and feel free to drop a comment....

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  1. Beautifully said, Michael.
    You and Lori are so very blessed to have one another through the good and bad - sending prayers for more good times ahead for the two of you!