Thursday, April 12, 2012

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 The folks who got invited to the Inner Circle yesterday....this is why you are here. I merely wanted to share my blog with you and hopefully stimulate some thought,comedy,musings and whoever knows.
I pretty much just post updates when my new blog entry is posted but have and will encourage you to post anything in the FB group that you want to promote,like a blog,crusade,live gig,political opinion,whatever.
I know I am taking a chance on blindly inviting so many people all of a sudden but since we're all pals,its not that big of a risk now,is it?
  Its a cloudy day here in SE Michigan and its a bit chilly. How we went from having 15 days in March of 80+ degree days to snowflakes in April is pure Michigan. Last week was shorts and flip flops and this morning was coats and caps. I wouldn't trade it for anything...
   I was on the Yahoo sports pages last night when I stumbled across the story of a high school volleyball coach who was fired by a private Christian school for getting pregnant out of wedlock. Seems she violated the code of conduct that she signed in a contract to not do such a thing.
  Looking at the quick hook that the school made,you wonder why more universities (hello Penn State,Indiana,the whole SEC -except Vanderbilt) and high schools don't follow the same course with their programs. I find it sort of sad that a high school has more moral courage to actually fire a coach who broke her contract and is catching hell for it yet look over at Arkansas and all the folks clamoring for the school NOT to fire Bobby Petrino. Look at how long it took Indiana to summon enough courage to fire Bobby Knight and surely we all know about Penn State's mess.
  It used to be a contract meant something in America,it was a bond of honor. You signed your name on a contract,you did you best to fulfill it,not break it on a whim. The coach in Texas,Cathy Samford,knew what she was signing when she dotted her name on the contract. The school has every right to ask and impose a moral code for its teachers and if Samford felt she couldn't abide by this,she should have walked away.
But far too many schools are turning their heads away along as their teams WIN,baby,win. Winning overcomes many,many sins and far too many coaches get away with having a very questionable moral center.
   Coaches forget they are TEACHERS first,they are there to help young people learn about life,be it part as a team,to win with grace,to accept losing knowing there will be a next time. And this means leading by example,which is entirely reasonable for any school,public or private,to ask of its teaching staff. Growing up,I had many teachers who had honor and morals who lived their lives like a open book. A lot of what I learned as a person I learned from Bob Beck,a history teacher as well as our high school baseball coach.
I challenge anyone who ever was taught or played for Coach Beck to say he played favorites or ignored bad behavior by players just as long as the team won. He insisted that his players dressed neatly and professionally and to conduct themselves as gentlemen. Which is why you often saw players and other students often seeking him our guidance and advise. It would hard to be taken seriously if he ran a program like many schools run,sloppy and unchecked.
Whatever happened to Mary Chapin Carpenter?

   Look at these two wonderful two cats....this is Tweek and Boomer Kitty. They share a nice home with my dear friend Kerri and her husband Andrew. But something  has happened that must be addressed,it seems like Kerri and Andrew had stepped out and then came home to find a shredded teabag on the ground. Now at first glance,it may seem these two perfect cats may have done such a dastardly thing but I am thinking all the facts are not the fact that Andrew is English! And we all know how the Brits are when it comes to tea!! I daresay,if you threw a teabag,a TARDIS or a soccer ball on the field and told a Englsihman  he could only have one item,he would always rush to the teabag.
  I am thinking these cats are being framed by this Moriarty is disguise!!!  As president of the Black and White Cat Society,we want justice! Black and white cats are angels on earth and never do anything bad...especially shred a teabag or cough up a furball on the carpet.....

Lastly,I like to direct everyone to a nice interview that Tom Lawson did with actress Monique Parent.
I thought it was a nice interview and think you will like it,especially if you are a horror/thriller movie fan like I am.
You can read this interview by clicking on this link here.

Alright,that is all I have for now.......hope you enjoyed the read and feel free to drop a comment or two.

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