Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Up North....

Its 6:40 pm - Monday

   Sitting here listening to the wind howl outside. Its been a cold and blustery day but at least we ain't Pennsylvania which is supposed getting over a foot of snow.  Its cold but at least its sunny outside.
My feet first from working at the new job....but its a good pain. I'm quickly adjusting to the workload and come this Friday,I believe I'll be on my own.
  Had a nice weekend,Lori and I left Friday night and went up to the in-laws to surprise my father-in-law who turned 90. Traffic was light and despite taking 90 minutes to travel 35 miles due to construction,once we broke free,we had a quick trip up north.
  We managed to surprise her dad completely as he was just expecting a home cooked lunch,he was tickled when he saw the bright balloons and Lori's brother start unloading massive amounts of food,chairs and a big cake. We ended up having 15 people over to help celebrate his 90th,lots of old stories,memories and laughs were shared.
  After we had cake,our company left...my brother-in-law,his wife,Lori and myself cleaned up the house. Brian and Brenda had to leave early because they had tickets to see Eric Burdon and the Animals. (they had the tickets before we planned the party.)
   Left pretty early Sunday morning and had a relaxing trip home...even saw two deer and a wild turkey. Traffic was very light until we hit Birch Run. We made a stop at the outlet mall and saw a whole suite of empty storefronts. Lori said that people now realize that outlet mall prices are really no bargain and aren't worth the drive. We have seen the outlet mall Monroe fail and while Howell's shops are still active,we always notice they now have some empty fronts where as before they never did.
  But to see this at Birch Run was pretty surprising to say the least. People were shopping but we have seen it so much more busier,maybe the wind kept folks away...but I'm with Lori,I think people are finding better deals elsewhere.
    Drove home in decent traffic afterwards and arrived at 4 pm. Needless to say we were greeted somewhat coolly by the two cats who really don't like being left behind. They always give us the cold tail for about an hour  after we get home from a trip.
   Unpacked and cleaned up,did some paperwork and watched Chopped All-Stars. Lori went to bed afterwards while I stayed up and watched my buddy Tom's show before heading to bed.
   And that was my weekend.....I know,pretty exciting. But its okay....I would hope you rather be reading a mundane entry then a "medical update" one,right?

  Please keep praying for Amy Neilson,she is still fighting onwards and I believe in miracles and the power of prayer,so please keep praying! Her blog is being updated by a good friend and you can follow her progress by clicking on the link under the "Blogs I Follow" on the right hand side.

 Okay,that is all I have for now. See you all on Thursday!

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