Thursday, April 19, 2012


Its 9:30 am on a Wednesday

    Looking outside at a beautiful sunny Michigan day. The robins are again out in force chirping away while hunting grubs and bugs.
  Trying to sit here and focus my we are saying good-bye to our friend Carolyn. I have written about Carolyn before,she was Lori's old landlady who became a very close to Lori. She was the one who swept in and saved Oliver from the Humane Society when they lied about taking care of him.
  Sadly the years of smoking heavy caught up to Carolyn and about 4 years ago,she learned she had emphysema. She has been slowly dying since then and on Monday morning at 1:05 am,her husband called and said she had passed away. The last year was so bad,Carolyn didn't want anyone to see how bad she had declined. I feel relief for her husband,it must have been pure hell to see the effects of such a ugly and destructive  illness. But as he said to us,she is finally at peace.  And hopefully he can find some as well.
  The viewing is today and we'll be going this afternoon after Lori gets off work. Carolyn will be sorely missed by us.

   Work is doing okay,glad for it....and am pleased to see that what I hoped for is happening. Once I now have a job,places that I'm applying at are now calling me. Could never figure out that dynamic,you are out of work and are looking for a job...but if you are out too long,companies won't consider you UNLESS you have a job!
Seems to me the longer the person is out of work,the more grateful and hardworking they would be because they ARE what am I missing here?
  The one kid who I said wouldn't last,didn't. He was hooked about 10 days after he started for sexual front of witnesses. So far out of the 6 other people hired with me,2 are already gone. Attrition is rather high for this place but the chances for growth are also there for the taking. But until something else pops up,I'm just glad to have a job.

   Its now 4:24 pm on Thursday

         Went to the service last night,it was very well attended. Didn't really get to talk to Louie too much but saw his family and were greeted warmly and fondly. Lori was their tennant for many years and was very close to Louie and Carolyn. We stayed for about 90 minutes while several people stood up and said a poem,letter or a story about Carolyn,I asked Lori if she wanted to speak but she was too sad to speak.
 I loved this lady,I was always much closer to her because of she did for Oliver and myself. It helped she loved baseball but never watched games on TV,she only listened to them on the radio with the great Ernie Harwell. She actually attended a Tigers-Yankees game with us...and she was a pretty good trash talker and wasn't afraid to battle...which made the game so much more fun.
 But now she is gone...we assured both son and daughter we would help keep a eye on Louie. We know that he will be lonely with his girl,they would have been a couple for 50 years in 2013. Feel really bad for him yet at the time,a sense of peace as well. Watching a loved die slowly,painfully is just awful...
   But Louie is a tough old bird and well loved by the local soccer community because of his granddaughters who play on several teams. He won't be very lonely except at night and he was a night owl anyway.
  We decided to stay in town and eat at a local golf club which we had heard was pretty good....all I can say was the Dr. Pepper was pretty good.

  Our computer moniter died on Sunday one of my chores was to shop for a replacement. I zip down to Target and look at the "wide" selection of two different models they carry. One is listed at 129.00 and one at 159.00. Both looked the same except one was last year's model. I go ahead and select it and ask the clerk that if something goes goofy,can I bring it back....he sees no problem,just bring back the packaging the best I can. That should have my cue that something was up. But I take the moniter and head home. I have lunch and then start building and connecting it to the computer. I get it all hooked up except I can't the BASE of the stand its supposed to attached to. I look everywhere,I have Derek try and track it,its simply not in the box. I have to disconnect everything and put it back into the box.
  As I head to Target,I decide to take a gamble and see what Office Depot has to offer....and was I glad I did. I found a brand new HP for only 10 dollars more then I paid for the reshopped Acer I got at Target. I get my refund,zip back to Office Depot and pick up the new moniter which was even easier to get running then the Acer.
  Its one of the reasons I haven't posted as much this week. And after tomorrow,I won't have time to post until Wednesday because of the trip up north and work. How sort of cool is that??
   But the good news is that writer Joan Lemon is now working on my interview questions and hopefully I'll be to post that next week.
   A question for the weekend:

What is your favorite baseball related moment?


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