Saturday, April 14, 2012

Thoughts on a hazy Saturday

Its 12:47 pm...

   In the mood for house cleaning so this entry also will be short and sweet.
Looking outside the window at a grey overcast day in SE Michigan. The Weather Service is calling for a crazy tornado outbreak in the Midwest which strangely enough,includes us. But so far its just drizzled a bit and got me in the mood to really attack the basement and declutter it. Most times I don't because I wait for Lori to help decide what stays and what goes....but I think this time Derek Jeter and I can handle it.
  We're a little on edge anyways because we got a notice from UM that Lori's PET scan which was scheduled in October has suddenly been moved up to June 29th. We're really hoping this is a scheduling error because having this new scan so soon is not normal for a remission patient based on the results we were read. We tried calling on Friday but since it was after 5 pm,no one was there to answer the question so I will call on Monday to see what is going on.
 This week sees us gathering supplies for out trip up north next weekend for Lori's dads 90th birthday. We are keeping it a surprise...Lori and her brother Brian are working together to make this one great birthday for him.
So far they have invited around 20 friends plus Brian's wife's family to come out and enjoy a day that will show her dad that he may be cranky,but he is loved.
 Since I was supposed to cook last night,we decided that it would be best to celebrate her dad's birthday before I blew up the kitchen so we headed out for dinner at Herc's Roast Beef. Herc's is a longstanding diner in Livonia that was once very popular. But now its simply ancient and it begs to be remodeled. So we were pleasantly surprised to see that someone has bought the place and is indeed going to give the old place a "Restaurant Impossible" makeover. They already have reworked the menu a bit but not sure if I am with that,the food is better and a lot more attractively plated but the portions are much smaller while the price stayed the same. Its sort of a wash if you ask me.Maybe this might work once the place is remodeled but now? Wouldn't go back until then...
   Now because we're supposed to bring the dinnerware/drinks to the party,we stopped at the local Dollar Tree,you know how much I'm addicted to the dollar books at Dollar Tree. We shopped and bought plates,napkins,cups and a even a party hat. After I helped Lori decide on what to get,I drifted over to the book section at this store.
  I got a big laugh as I looked into the face of Sarah Palin herself,her book "Going Rogue" has hit the dollar store level. Only took a little over two years for that to happen which may seem a long time but for a hardback book,that is very fast indeed. A lot of the books I get here are on average 3 years old,some are maybe a 1-1.5 years but that is because of a unknown author or a smaller publisher. But for someone supposedly has huge as Palin is,I'm sure this was a rude awakening. But I also pointed out that her books were among the last at the Borders closings as well. Now you too,can "go rogue" for a buck if you live near a Dollar Tree.
    Last night we got the good news that Detroit had reached its 99th murder yesterday afternoon. A 26 year old mechanic was gunned down by someone with a serious grudge. At first the police were baffled at the man's ID,he appeared black but because he had so many bullet holes in him,they thought maybe he was Swiss. So 99 dead in 3.5 months so far,yeah...I can see the good ol Detroit hitting the 500 mark this year with even a chance to hit 600 if the police cuts that are being forecast actually take place.
  But who really cares,right? Just more black on black media attention,no news vans from CNN,CBS,NBC...all we get are the same broken record:

"What can we do to stop this senseless crime?"
"When will enough be enough"?
"If you know anything about this,call Crimestoppers"
"What can be stop to end the shootings"
"Please,turn yourself in..." - that comes from various families that cops ask to speak because they have no leads or clues left to pursue
"You can go to any XYZ bank to make donations to help the family bury their loved one"

I swear,you could make up a drinking game every time you hear local anchorman Huel Perkins or any field reporter say one of the above. I was going to try drinking a slurpee every time I heard one of these sayings but I would be either broke,fat or broke AND fat.
  As for Trayvon Martin...the blacklash continues,last week on the Let It Rip panel,one of the guests pointed out how Al Sharpton had poisoned the country with his antics in this case.White America is done with being painted as racists and scapegoats for every single black on white shooting. I have seen so many people post,email or talk about the utter silence from the black community when one of their own shoots,maims or rapes a white person. This is what selective outrage will cause. We has a country should be united in protecting life but we don't. We only care about death as long as there is a way to make dollar off it Trayvon Martin,Anna Nicole Smith,any rock/movie who overdoses. We have come to profit off murder,the NRA is seeing a huge upsurge in membership,Skittles and Arizona tea sales have skyrocketed. Even here in of the best businesses you can have is a t-shirt printing company because after every shooting,you'll the family wearing t-shirts. Its pretty sad that life has been reduced to what you squeeze from,camera time on network TV,lawyers coming out of the woodwork all wanting to take your case (for 33% that is)
But as for me.....I'm headed back to the basement. See you on Monday.

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