Sunday, April 29, 2012

Saturday/Sunday musings

Its 6:39 pm

     So how did it go from being a beautiful day yesterday to a grey overcast one yet again? The weather here is beyond goofy,no winter,then summer in March and now a spring that may be colder then our winter.

Haven't done anything worth while today other then pay a bill,put 20 bucks of gas in my PT Cruiser,do a little of pantry shopping (our local Meijer was running a great little sale so I got some stuff for the pantry) and switched our shovels for the rakes in the garage. Then I hooked up the hose because despite it being chilly,it hasn't translated into much rain and our trees need the water.
  Quickly cleaned up the old newspaper in the kitchen,had dinner and now am cranking this little entry out.
 Finished my latest book "leave the building quickly" by Cynthia Kaplan,thought it was brilliant in many places and definitely worth my buck at the Dollar Tree. Now its time to finish "House Poor" and then tackle Lisa Ann Walter's book. Can't wait to read it...even though I have had it since last October. I tend to read the books I get in the order I get them so that why it has taken so long to get here. Just had to explain that in case Lisa Ann drops by and reads this....

   We just now heard a terrible story that happened just about a mile away from our house. Seems like a woman had been very depressed as of late. Her husband was so concerned,he stayed home with her for a week to see if he could help her. On one of these days he went to to store to pick up a few items. The woman then proceeded to douse herself in fuel and set herself on fire. Her horrified neighbors tried to put out the flames but she ran into her house. They broke down the door and called 9-1-1. She was still alive when they got there but she died later at the University of Michigan's Burn Center. What a terrible way to die.
  Decided to take a chance on the IC group page and invited my entire circle,all 481 of them. So far we have kept about 420 which I suspect will continue to go down. But suddenly we have all sorts of activity on the page,mostly political but a couple of musicians posted show dates,one reader asked me about setting up a blog,while I love Blogspot,not really convinced its the best way to get readers,especially those who want to comment/follow but not sign up to Google. So while I don't think he'll land here,once he does get his blog up,I'll provide a link so you can check it out. Its going to a football blog about South Alabama football but as I'm also a fan of a "smaller" school in San Jose State,you know we have to stick together,we all can't be Georgia,Miami or Wisconsin fans,right?

Wonder what happened to Scorpion?

As many of you know,I'm a huge supporter of ex-Detroit police chief Warren Evans. Its no accident that since he was forced to resign,the crime rate in the city has just skyrocketed. Every day someone is getting blasted to pieces in the city. Charlie LeDuff opened a recent 10 pm newscast with a 10 minute report on just how bad the city as gotten....over 1,000 people have been shot to death and 4,000 wounded in just a 3 year window. And most of those have happened AFTER Chief Evans left.
  He and I have swapped messages and emails the past two imagine my surprise last month when he sent me a message asking me to call him to get together. Quite honestly,I was shocked. First because we have never talked but thru the computer and second,I'm dead certain his time is very much in demand. I sent back a note asking him for a good time to call...and when I didn't hear back,I wasn't surprised. The man is BUSY and to find time to talk to someone he knows only on the computer,well,I can understand. I didn't call him because I didn't know what would be a good time.
   I was explaining this to my neighbor Al and he asked me why I didn't call when he invited me to. He said "If Warren asked,he knew what he was doing...he wouldn't have asked you if he hadn't". Putting it that way made a lot of sense and so I called him up. He was in South Carolina but asked if he could call when he gets back so we can can get together. I'm actually pretty jazzed up to meet him,this area really needs a man like him to help turn things around. Finding good people who have no ulterior motives to run for public office is a rare animal these days. Most who run,run with purpose,for money,fame,power. Men like Gary Brown and Warren Evans run to help people,that is why they made such good cops.
My gut feeling is Warren is going to run for Wayne County executive and he is starting to get a grassroots campaign team assembled. Now while I have never actively been involved in one,I would for Warren Evans in a heartbeat and have told him that many times. We are going to talk this week so I'll keep you updated if I can.

  Been on a Ryan Downe kick lately.....wonder whatever happened to him?

Alrighty then...time for lunch and coupon clipping,then a little yardwork and a 2 mile walk. Busy day ahead so lets get cracking....see you Tuesday!


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