Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Poncho's retirement and other sprack.

Its 12:45 pm

     Got time for a quick entry before I have to run a slew of errands.

Last night saw Lori taking it easy while I went to our city hall for the retirement ceremony for Poncho the police dog. It had been scheduled for last month but was pushed back until yesterday.
The council's regular meeting was scheduled as well so the ceremony was tied into the meeting. It was very charming,about 30 other citizens along with K-9 units from several local cities came by to salute Poncho.
I got there about a minute or 2 behind and had to stand with the other police officers while our city clerk talked about the daring feats and service Poncho and his partner Brian had performed for the city.
The city gifted Poncho a new dogbed,a year's pass to our new dog park and also renewed his dog license.
The clerk then introduced the other K-9 teams who had come out and as they walked by me,Brian went to the nearest corner,looked up,did a double take when he saw me and said "Mike! How the hell are you?" We shook hands and I whispered back "I wouldn't have missed this for the world".
  The ceremonies were over and they had one last surprise for all the dogs,a huge dog cake in the shape of a bone. Each dog got a nice sized piece to eat while the cameras were brought out and pictures were snapped.
Finally Brian and I got to chat for a bit while Poncho chowed down. I hadn't seen Poncho in over 2 years so I was shocked at how much he had aged. He had a lot of grey around his muzzle and looked a few pounds lighter then when I last saw him.
  Brian is going to continue to be a K-9 handler and already is training his new partner,Hoss. Poncho is going to enjoy a sweet retirement just being a dog for a while.
We made small talk and then I bent down and patted Poncho on his noble head,I got choked up as I said "Thanks for keeping me safe ol buddy". Because its true,I always felt much more secure when I knew Brian and Poncho were in our area. And with that,I went home.
   And what did I come home to? A goofy cat who jumped on our bed while I was changing into my comfy clothes. He laid down while I was telling Lori about the nice stuff the city gave Poncho. I went to put away my jeans in my closet when Derek jumped down .....and left a wet spot on the sheet. Seems like he had eaten something weird and it caused him to have a messy bottom. And he had left it on a sheet and our comforter. *sigh*
   So I had to clean his bottom,wash the linens and see if he left any other "surprises" on the carpet.
Here I am,always talking smack about mutts and how messy they are compared to cats when this happens.
Of course after cleaning and remaking the bed,who pops up to curl up on my pillow?

 Had a sad and strange case happen a couple of days ago.....seems like two 13 year old girls were playing chicken on the road in front of the house one of the girls lived in. They were taking turns either lying down or darting in front of cars to see how close they could come. I think what happened was they were both lying down and whoever moved first lost the dare. Maybe that might have worked on a sunny day on a 15 mph speed limit road but at dusk with a 75 year old driver who never saw them,it turned out to be fatal as both girls couldn't move out of the way fast enough,were hit and killed.  Maybe they were doing a new version of "planking",I guess what really surprised me the most about this was it was girls doing this,most times,its boys doing dumb shit like this but death is no respecter of people,it can strike the stupid or careless anytime. And we are left to mourn the aftermath.

  George Zimmerman is going to be rightly charged for the shooting of Trayvon Martin. He'll be convicted of 2nd degree murder and nothing will be done about the NRA backed "Stand Your Ground"law. Gun sales will continue to rise,more Americans will die and Martin will join James Brady,Gabby Giffords,Martin Luther King and JFK as mere footnotes in our history that had one thing in common,get killed by a gun.

Thank heaven baseball is here.....

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