Friday, June 28, 2013

We should all be like Mike Patterson

Its 5:15 pm

    Its a dark and stormy day here in SE Michigan...and sitting here with a bunch of thoughts in my head.

First I like to thank actor/director Stephen Foster for such a great interview..and I hope you all enjoyed reading it as fact,I was already approached by any actor who also wants to answer 8 Questions and so I will be bringing that to you very soon.

While the nation went through a pivotal week with the Supreme Court invalidating key sections of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 which helped black Americans in 9 Southern states ensure a safe and fair vote without the same states gerrymandering districts in order to lessen the black vote.
  The Supreme Court said basically that such practices don't happen in today's society and that the law was old and outdated. The vote was 5 to 4. Of course the court showed again on how out of touch it is by telling a hostile Congress to push forward a new updated law designed to ensure equality at the polls. The 9 states affected now have the power to gerrymander without any fear of the Federal Government. And do you really think a teapublican Congress gives a rat's ass on pushing through any sort of reform?

So while America was debating the impact of such a move,the Court then said that gay marriage is now legal despite some slanderous lies from several justices about the ruling. Face it,this isn't about marriage but free will,always has been. Why it does it matter if someone is gay or not in order to get married,raise a child,join the Boy Scouts or even in the Armed Forces?  They are no different from any other American in the fact they have to work,pay taxes,obey the law of the land. Teapublicans are quick to say its against the Bible and its threatens American moral values....what a crock of bullshit. And considering the scum who are trying to deny these folks the same free will that allows them to shoot and maim 105,000 of their fellow Christians a year,well....what do you from a bunch of white men in power who seek to control what we say and do
on a daily basis. I read the crap these heathens sprout out of their asses,its downright embarrassing. No one has taken away of their rights,yet they continue to wage war against women in regards to abortion (Gov. Rick Perry called women a "breeding vessel"),blacks in regards to giving them a chance to go get an affordable education and having a chance at the American dream,illegal aliens in our country. (I have said it a thousand times over,if the teapublicans were serious about securing our borders,they could have erected a Berlin War type on the Mexican border on 9/12/2001 and no one would have said shit against it,instead,NOTHING was done and we're supposed to be upset now?)
  And of course George Zimmerman is on trial for murdering Trayvon Martin. Its not a racial crime...its a gun crime. Martin was just in the wrong place at the wrong time in the wrong state. Zimmerman should be convicted of 2nd degree murder but there is a strong chance he won't because of Florida's Stand Your Ground law. You know the law,Texas has one as allowed a man to shoot and kill a woman who denied him sex as a paid escort who was holding to his 150.00. Only in the NRA controlled America can you see two simple cases of cold blooded murder get defended by hiding behind a old and very out of date amendment.

But as all this was going down.....Mike Patterson lost his battle this morning. Who was Mike Patterson you ask?Mike was a 43 year old from Georgia who boating on a lake with his son on 8 June,saw a 4 year old little girl struggling to stay afloat. Mike,who just two weeks earlier,had saved a man from a burning inferno of a crash crash,dove in to help the little girl. What no one knew was the water was very shallow and upon entry,Mike Patterson shattered his neck in 3 places...His very act was to push the little girl towards safety before losing feeling and going face down for about 3 minutes in the water.
  The little girl,Javaeh Jones,was safe,thanks to Mike Patterson. Mike himself,who had just started a new construction job and had no health/life insurance,was rushed to a local hospital where he in critical condition
and remained so for the rest of his life. Friends and supporters started a "Friends of Mike Patterson" Facebook page and website to help defray what would have been a lifetime of huge medical bills. Prayers were sent up on the behalf of this very brave and unassuming father who saw someone's child in trouble.
 The Bible says "There is no greater love then when one gives their live for another". Mike Patterson proved that without a doubt.
  Mike really never regained any real consciousness as the doctors kept him in a medical induced coma and a ventilator for most of the time.

The posts on the Facebook page echoed a lot of what I went through with Lori's last week,a slow decline picking up speed. And today,God called Mike Patterson home,he had endured enough. I understand a little more about why God does what He does...the pain and suffering of our loved ones isn't to prolong their pain but to help us endure it for our lives. Its a harsh and very painful lesson to be sure of and now Mike Patterson's family,just like so many others,will have to stand stronger a little bit more and take comfort in the man,husband and father Mike was.

  Its been a very trying time at my job....our store is surrounded by so much pain and loss these days. Its just staggering to see how many lives have been affected,3 of my co-workers have lost a sister (who died two weeks after back surgery,they don't know why),a mother and a father. Another former co-worker just found out his dad has stage 4 brain cancer....add in the fact that Justin Carlson is still on the front lines in "The Stan",no wonder our morale is just so down. We are banding tight however and just as I wrote,we will have to stand endure this a little longer.

Of course that is relative...I still can't go into Lori's closet or drawers more then 2-3 minutes before I lose it.
  I know I have a long,long way to go....

Got a note from my dear friend Theresa Ingison this week....she said she had something she made as a memorial for Lori and she wanted to drop by. So yesterday she did and dropped off a homemade solar light jar. It has white and pink glass in it and its supposed to shine very brightly. I say supposed only because we have 2 days of thunderstorms and more on the way.

So Theresa tells me that she has hired on a young lady who moved here from Washington state to meet a fellow here in Michigan. Things didn't work out and she soon found herself in deep trouble. She has next to nothing but two dogs. Theresa hired her at her business and the young lady is slowly getting her wheels back under her feet. She just found a room to rent and is trying hard to move forward. Theresa has been guiding her along...she told me this young lady has some medical issues that badly need addressing...while I am no doctor (sorry my "expertise" only runs in cancer and cats),I did pass on a good resource that I,myself,used when I landed here in Michigan (That is how I knew about the school,Theresa *s*). Its a good place and I highly recommended it.
 I hope it works out for this young lady...she sure has a strong spirit. And I was glad I had a chance to return a act of kindness.

  I'm STILL waiting for my guest blogger to come and drop a entry....I guess Jessica must be in New Jersey with a certain Doctor or something along those lines. But I am expecting a very good guest post shortly.

And with that,I'm outta here.....

Oh more thing....lunch with Lori's two angels next week.....can't wait!!! Miss you Melanie and Terrie!

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