Thursday, June 14, 2012

"We'll lose the dock"....."Sir,we already have....."

Its 11:06 am

   Anyone know which movie that line came from???

Its another beautiful day here in SE Michigan. I have a lot to do so this will be a rather short entry.
I like to say "thank you" to the wonderful people who keep on reading this blog....and welcome the new folks as well. I have commented before about hard it is to drop a comment here on Blogspot because you either have to be a Blogspot member or have a Google e-mail account to comment. Its a tad bit frustrating looking at your numbers and seeing its mostly "you"who are coming by. But hey,just happy to get who I get,right?

   So after I posted yesterday.I went out to cut the grass and to plan a proper attack on the yellowjacket nest. I zipped through the grass and then grabbed the bug spray,no more wooden sticks,my heavy gloves and went back to the nests. I checked the first nest which I thought had been cleaned out but nope,the 'jackets had I stood back,checked how the wind was blowing and then hit the nest. 5-6 jackets dropped on the deck. I hit the other side as well and got one more.
   Then on to the main nest,where I had gotten my ass lit up on Saturday night. I was put on my gloves for this one because I knew there were a lot more in this nest then the first one. I got a good angle,pressed the trigger (I can see all the NRA readers drooling reading this) and squeezed. Instantly 7-8 came out,5 dropped,one flew away and two came at me....and I shot both down with another dose of spray.
I moved to the other side and repeated,another group came pouring out and I had to shoot three more down but the nest was cleared. The wind angle had changed and I got spray on my legs and shirt which I promptly washed off with a garden hose. I went inside and took a long shower. Its going to be a long summer if I can't get these nests cleared...
    After the very long past weekend,Lori and I have decided we need to get away ourselves. But because we are both working (can I say how nice that sounds....?) we can't always get the same days off. Next week however,we get lucky and have two days off we thought a trip to Put-In-Bay would be a good idea.
  Put-In-Bay is in Ohio and we have been there 3 times already and have had a wonderful time. We stay with the same guy who has two bed and breakfast homes and he always throws in a free golf cart. But each time we have visited out of season....when rates are very cheap and the visitors are not so plentiful. This trip however falls into the tourist season and the rates pretty much double....we have to have a plan B which I think is going to Birch Run/Frankenmuth to chill with Lori's old college friend Shawn. Shawn is the one who treated us to the Frankie Valli show about 18 months ago and with whom we hung out with at the Lansing Street Fair last summer. She is also a cancer survivor and a huge music lover. While we have been to Birch Run recently,it has been a long time since we have poked around Frankenmuth so hopefully there will be lots to see and do.

   Alrighty then....I have to scoot....lots to do and little time to do it. I am grilling hot dogs and making a pasta salad for dinner tonight...

Be safe everyone and thank you for reading!

Happy birthday Boomer!!!!

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  1. a day in the life..ty for sharing Michael <3 lives in your home..beautiful ;O)