Saturday, June 2, 2012

21st Century Battlefield: Detroit

Its 1:37 pm

   Been one crazy week here in the metro Detroit area.....its on the edge of summer and already its looking like a fucking war zone here.....young thugs busting caps over who makes the best Kool-Aid,a granny was so scared of her 17 year old grandson that she bought a gun and ended up putting EIGHT rounds in him. Mix in the 22 year old Warren dad whose pregnant ex-girlfriend he had kidnapped,set on fire and shot twice and left for dead.
Fox 2's Charlie LeDuff exposing the criminal conditions of the working men and women of the Detroit Fire Department...when he confronted the assistant fire commissioner about the problems,he gets assaulted and cursed at.

  I guess I will start with recalling the brutal attack of the wealthy Cipriano family a few weeks ago. A adopted son who had become a drug addict,along with a friend,broke into the family home,killed the father with a baseball bat and critically wounded the mom and a younger brother.
  But what made this story so "sexy" to the local media is a synthetic marijuana called K2 which is basically poison but because its supposed to be used a incense,isn't considered illegal and you can buy at any smoke shop/gas station around here. Supposedly the suspects had smoked K-2 and this triggered the robbery.
  Because the family was wealthy and a suburb family (white),this story was a hot subject here for weeks.
The media kept on harping how bad K-2 is and had countless stories on its dangers and why is it still legal to buy. I mean,they really pushed and still are pushing on how dangerous this stuff is. But of course they completely bypass the gun shops and gun shows who push/flood the streets of Detroit. They ran several stories on how many women are buying guns,including how a woman could buy weapons with a pink pistol grip!
   So after the extensive coverage of the Cipriano case,this spurred a grandma to purchase a handgun for protection from her own grandson who was staying with his grandparents to finish high school. His parents had moved to Arizona and despite problems at the grandparents house including you guess it,a drug arrest and a fight with the grandparents,they made no moves to come get their unruly son and he remained troublesome.
  Turns out the kid had run around with the Cipriano son who had killed his father and had also been smoking K-2. This led the grandma to buy that gun...and after one incident too many,the grandma sent her husband out on a errand,loaded up her handgun ....and went and shot her grandson eight times. In self-protection of course cause you never know,7 shots may not be enough.
 The grandma was arrested for 1st degree murder...but will plead temporary  insanity.

Next up....caught the local "Let It Rip" a couple of weeks and because of the incredible upsurge in violence in Detroit,the question was asked "Does Detroit need the National Guard to help police the city"?
No,I'm serious.....that was actually a question. Now this happened the year before last in Chicago,the gang violence in the ghettos and projects was getting so bad,there were calls for the governor to deploy the National Guard. It didn't happen and by increasing the police forces in the area,Chicago survived one bloody summer.
   Now the question has been asked here.....and its a double edged sword,does Detroit need to have to the Guard here? I would say "hell no" IF Warren Evans was still Chief but with Keystone Kop Ralph Godbee in charge,its not such a stretch to say "yes....send in the Guard". The Detroit cops are so badly led and non-managed,the crime rate is just awful....its so bad,it has led to more and more citizens to arm themselves and as much as I hate to admit,I can't blame them. The cops either don't respond or they show up DAYS later to take a report that will be filed under the desk to help balance it. Every day,we hear more and more stories  on just how senseless and violent this city is.
  But it just not violence that continues to rip the city,the city leadership is also to blame. Between Dave Bing and his decision to have whatever streetlights left running in the city turned off and the absolutely god awful conditions the firehouses in the city are in,the city reflects its leaders and right now,Detroit is completely leaderless.
   Watching journalist Charlie LaDuff just trying to help the fire department and getting attacked for it just speaks volumes for the Mayor and the City Council. While the Mayor and several council members are up at super swanky Makinac Island for a 3 day "policy" session,we are being shown just how filthy and broken down the fire stations are. Human waste backing up the sewers,broken rigs that have leaks in the water tanks that would be needed to fight a actual fire and we have council people who appeared slightly tipsy,proclaiming that Detroit 18 months away from returning to its "glory days". Really????
  But the answer to the National Guard,Detroit doesn't need the Guard,it just needs to have better leadership then its been getting in the past 10 years. Its no longer a "jobs can fix things",its a cultural change that is so badly needed.
  Otherwise you're going to get more incidents like this.....yesterday,two groups of thugs were across the street talking shit....about who made better Kool-Aid. You read that right.....they were frontin' about who made better Kool-Aid. Well someone's momma got dissed so one group broke out the guns and the other group did as well and gunfight broke out sending people scattering for their lives.
  Two teens were shot......all for nothing. Because all they had to do was YouTube this subject and see how Kool-Aid really is made....
But all kidding aside,this is what happens one knows how to  solve problems anymore other then with a gun.

Its Saturday....good news,the fire department official who assaulted Charlie LeDuff was fired for his actions this week. Charlie also interviewed the Fire Commissioner,Don Austin,about the conditions of the stations. Austin,who landed here in high hopes a year ago,has sadly seen what he has to deal with and to his credit,he knows he is up against a real monster. You get the sense he really is aware of the problems but his hands are tied....because the new 60 million dollar headquarters for Fire and Police was put in place before he got here.
  Oh,did I mention to forget to mention that? Yep....the same leaders who allow broken EMS rigs,filthy fire stations,leaky engine companies to make runs,that close stations due to budget short comings,that staff police stations after 5 pm with 2-3 cops and lock the doors and still,after having a shooter come in and injure 4 cops with a shotgun because the metal detectors weren't working (and STILL are not!!),are having a new 60 million dollar HQ being built! And that is on top of a 300 million dollar jail that Robert Ficano is having being built using all sort of cronies in doing so,making who knows how much in kickbacks and favors. When the FBI and the Feds get done with ex-Mayor Kilpatrick,you can rest assured,Ficano will be joining Kwame in that jail cell
   And it seems like the push to ban K2 Spice is going to work. Citgo is already telling its gas station owners to pull it off their shelves. Wow.....2 high deaths and look at how fast this gets pulled. But guns,how kill and maim 30k a year? Still legal......only in motherfucking America.  *smh*

I'm off to make some Kool-Aid.

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