Monday, June 18, 2012


Its 9:26 am

     Just got a cup o' Joe out while looking at an amazing looking day outside. Got a lot errands to run so this one will be sorta short.

Thank you to Coco and Laurel for the kind comments on the last entry. Good to know that folks are coming back and sending some feedback. Makes it so much easier to get up and jot down some words.

   The election rhetoric is heating up as we near the stretch run of the Presidental race. Both sides spending 1.3 BILLION combined for the White House. That,in a nutshell,explains that every single politician Washington is out of touch with us,the average American. I'm working part-time for an incredibly low wage (despite my education/background) yet being asked to donate to either party. Really???
  The combined parties are so intent on spewing hate ads,misleading lies and PR grabbing directives that the most pressing issue,the creating of jobs is being ignored or blocked and won't be addressed until January 2013.
   The fallout of this is being felt...I didn't mention that last week,we both came tired and decided to grab a pizza for dinner. I pulled out our coupon book and grabbed a Marco's Pizza coupon.


Now we have enjoyed Marco's before and had ordered there many times but after a couple of so-so pizzas we had discovered better places and so we never went back. But since Marco's is a chain,you sort of take them for granted. We did and so when I went upstairs to find the number to call for dinner..I was taken aback when I found the store in our town had went out of business. Of course there are many factors for this...we have so many diners and pizza shops in our area that are clamoring for your dollars. But the main factor is that those dollars are getting fewer as once again,Americans are cutting back on spending. And when you read that an average American's net worth went from 126,000 to 76,000 since 2007 and with wages being cut to the bone,the recession hasn't gone away so much as Americans are doing their best to adjust to it.
   Now while I see that has been a upsurge in homes selling,I also see that foreclosures are still keeping pace,gain a home,lose a home.Its not a recovery,its treading water,right?
  Since this incident with Marco's last week....we found out two more diners have went belly up,that is 5 in just six weeks. And my wife has told me a entire chain of clothing stores,over 600 strong is going to be shut down early next year,another 1,200-2,000 people who will be losing their jobs. Its a real shame that we have already seem to have forgotten that so many folks are losing their benefits,in fact,a lot of folks won't even become 99ers,the states and feds have cut the amount you can collect for unemployment.
  How many of you know someone affected NOW by the hidden recession?

Had nice encounter at my local Petco when I went to get cat food. As you may know,Petco and PetSmart have a section where you can adopt a cat(s) for your family. While many of the adoption centers are run by volunteer groups,sometimes thing happen when they are not there. Dirty litterboxes,empty food bowls,low water and even a illness. When I see this,I always bring it to the attention of the store manager or worker so they can handle it. Most of them always put it off on the volunteer group,but its rather unacceptable to myself. If the water is low....fill the bowl already!! Dirty litterbox? Empty it,it only takes 3-5 minutes to clean a box,right?
  Yesterday being a Sunday when I walked in and saw the mess,I didn't have much hope that any volunteers would be around to change the cages and they were dirty. I got my cat food and went to pay for it,the store manager was working and I let know my concerns. I can't tell you how quickly he responded to my comment,he was aware of the situation and had assigned a staff member to handle despite being short handed

 Needless to say,I was pretty stoked as was a couple behind me who had also commented. I thanked the manager for his compassion and left. While I generally shop at PetSmart,this Petco has won my loyalty and my business for such a kind act. Funny how something so small can move so many.

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