Saturday, June 30, 2012

Middle East Thoughts (graphic image included) plus other notes

Its 2:11 pm

   Enjoying the summer heat as it once again hits the low to mid 90s in SE Michigan. Sort of muggy outside but still no rain as of yet. I'll be heading out to water the plants as it sort of cools off later tonight.
 Work is going well....we got the new chair and table this week but to our dismay the table has a crack in it so we have to get a new one via a exchange.

Been keeping my eye on the Turkey-Syria situation which hit a new high as Syrian forces shot down a Turkish Phantom II fighter that was on a normal recon mission at their borders. While Syria is trying to claim it didn't know it was a Turkish plane they were shooting it,the claim they thought it was a Israeli Air Force plane is laughable.

  For one thing,the Israelis no longer use the Phantom as a first line fighter,they fly only F-15s and 16s now.
The only older model jet they still use,the A-4 Skyhawk is only used as trainer. Second,if that had actually been a Israeli pilot,no way would he have been caught off guard by a Syrian radar sight. He might have given them a 10 second warning to quit lighting him up before he would have destroyed the site.

    But Syria is a strange place these days. The so called "civil war" is not nearly as one sided as you may have been led to believe. The Assad government is only doing some of that killing that the Western press/UN  monitors now has the world up in arms about. Fact is,the so called rebel movement is deadly farce,the "Free Syria Army" is being bankrolled by the US. Both sides are just as bloodthirsty as the other. And thanks to various sites,videos are now being posted showing just how evil the so called rebels REALLY are. Between the fake shootings,posting videos of Mexican drug cartel violence and claiming its the Assad regime killing more "innocents" to down right murdering fellow Syrians then filming themselves as martyrs and carrying the dead person to try and get "help". Basically,its poorly made propaganda 101.

Syrian Child with Exploded Head

Its also the reason why Russia and China are starting to back Assad with more aid,including new helicopters and other equipment. The US and our allies have made a grave mistake in thinking that if they help these Arab countries overthrow their old governments that they'll embrace democracy. That shit ain't going to happen. It didn't happen when we helped Libya w/Mommar,Iraq /Saddam,Iran with Khomeni and Egypt with Mubarak. All this meddling has done is trade one asshole for another. Sudan is now 2 countries,is there now peace? Nope. Libya....peace? Nope and in fact there is now ethnic cleaning taking place there (but not being reported by the US media or commented on by politicians who banged the war drums so loudly)
  How is Iraq doing these days? They just experienced a massive wave of bombings that killed dozens and wounded countless more. Soon our forces will be gone and the same violence we are seeing in Syria will happen there.
 Egypt.....the lion's share of the press coverage for their uprising....yeah,right. Between a US journalist being sexually assaulted,a huge mob of men attacking a group of women who merely want their voices heard just as the men are to the army taking control and making rumblings about the Camp David peace treaty between Egypt and Israel.

Many said that this treaty wouldn't last but it has done so despite leadership changes in both countries. But by turning a blind eye to Mubarak's slow decline into becoming another Shah of Iran,the US has lost any and all trust they could have had with the new regime

Increasingly we are starting to see little flare ups more and more as the Middle East is becoming more unstable and with Europe in a mess and our attention is focused on our own election,its just not surprising to see a incident like the shooting down of the Turkish Phantom. (and the loss of its aircrew).
  This region is never easy but with the withdrawal of our forces in Iraq plus the need to re-arm and re-equip our armed forces and the continuing mess in the EU means a spark like this could set off a most dangerous problem. You got to hand it to Turkey for not flying off the handle and counterattacking the Syrian missile battery or issuing a "shoot on site" on any Syrian aircraft. The loss of the plane isn't going to imperil Turkey's good air force,the loss of the two men flying it....that is a different matter....and actually finding out if it really was a  regular army unit that fired upon the Turkish plane or was it a Sunni-led"Free Syria Army" attack designed to draw Turkey into the conflict..

Time will tell and we can only hope that cooler heads will prevail between Syria and Turkey.

  Sometimes I just get damned lucky....I get a email from one of my real personal heroes,Lacye Presley,who said her aunt was writing a book about breast cancer and how do caretakers handle the illness. She asked me if I could get in touch with her aunt and I said "Yes". Out of the blue I suddenly asked her if I could interview her! She very kindly said yes and this week,I got to "chat" with her on a number of topics as well as sending her a lot more questions. This is getting pretty exciting....Lacye Presley,hot designer Evon Cassier,once I get my interviews back and written,by posting them here,I sure hope I can get at least 12 followers on here *LOL*. Been trying to rack my brain on how I can get more traffic here and it is all about getting people to like the content. My favorite teapublican in disguise,Renee,said she really thought adding the photos was a nice touch. (I have a feeling she might be a little upset with me on this blog).Of course hearing/seeing anything in the comment box would be great...

  Monday is Lori's next check-up....please keep us in your prayers. Just want everything to stay the course,feel like we are starting to get a little head of steam going here....going to build the bird feeder this week as well as paint the deck. Next up is replacing our crappy kitchen sink and painting the bathroom!
That is all I got for now.....

enjoy the weather!

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