Saturday, January 7, 2012

Tim Tebow and other thoughts

Its 10:08 am

   Had wanted to blog yesterday but just couldn't get into the right mind frame. The spirit was willing but the fingers were locked up tight.
But I'm back today ready to put down some words....and hope you like ready them...

Lori is doing okay...the fatigue that Dr. Eisberg warned us about during radiation is now affecting her. Last night she fell asleep 10 minutes into watching the 7 pm news. I let her sleep until around 9:30 and then helped her to bed. She was out the second her head hit the pillow. We still have 15 treatments to go but we are in good spirits.
 I'm liking Blogspot more and more. There are a lot of interesting blogs to check out during my breaks of resume sending. Some are current and updated regularly and some are dated,just cut off suddenly. You read the last journal and wonder what happened to the blogger...bored,lifestyle change,married or did they pass away. Which is different then my first blog on Modblog which just went bye-bye when the site owner just went "poof".
  Every time you move a blog,you know you are going to have to convince your readership base to move with you.That isn't a easy chore unless you have a massive base that hangs on your every word. But writing about a spouse who has cancer isn't really a Entertainment Tonight or 60 Minutes type of story. I write that even I know I myself am following two blogs with that one common theme. One woman who,like Lori,is fighting a hard fight against it and another woman who is steeling herself knowing that her husband is mere weeks from dying from it. It takes a lot of courage to write about this kind of issue,I have read countless stories of people fighting illnesses or death but never really got it until my brother was murdered. Its gives you a whole perspective when you go from being a reader into the writer.
 But I am grateful that some of you have clicked on the link and followed me here. In fact,a big "thank you"to my friend Michelle who became my first "offical" follower here on Blogspot. Its cool to see and I hope more of you will also take the chance to keep supporting us.
  One bit of exciting of my favorite people has found her way back into FB. The mighty Tracey Henry,one of the sharpest legal minds outside Perry Mason,had signed off from FB for a much needed break. It was a real loss because her page ALWAYS had something going on it....questions and topics that really encouraged the exchanging of ideas and opinions. And Tracey has her finger on the inner workings of the city of Detroit,she knows just about where all the secrets lie (well,except for Jimmy Hoffa and she probably DOES know).
  But she is back and the over 5,000 friends and fans who followed her are so happy that she is. Of course this doesn't mean she and I will agree over gun crimes/control but I am glad she is back to talk about it with us among other topics....
  Speaking of other many of you know,I'm a big Pittsburgh Steelers fan. Been so for over 30 years and have been a fan though thick and thin. But some of my friends have noticed I rarely speak about the Steelers these days. Haven't ever since hearing about Ben Roethlisberger and his two questionable sexual assault cases. Now I admit,based on what I have witnessed during my time in the music business,I can assure you that each time a celebrity is accused of sexual misconduct,I am cynical. Far too many times I have seen beautiful girls approach the artist in a aggressive sexual way....and disregard the fact the artist is in a relationship or not. It happens. You can boo me all you want but those who worked in the industry know what I'm saying is the case.
 A famous celebrity pretty much has his/her choice of people they can chill with. We have ramped up the fan worship in this country to a whole new level and a celebrity can't take a bite without it being written and picked over. That said,its really easy to dismiss the claims that people put forth about a celebrity getting too frisky,why take when you don't have to,right?
 So when Big Ben was accused of that a couple of years ago,we Steeler fans shook our heads and said "someone wants a big payday" and still thought the world of Ben.
  But when a woman who was drunk was taken into a bathroom and two of Ben's friends stood outside the door while he and the young lady were inside and she said she was assaulted,it was very alarming because it was just about how the first attack went down. This wasn't a one night stand where the woman was angry because she thought there might a future,this happened in a club with two men who blocked off the bathroom.
 This established a pattern of action on Ben's part. You can see his accuser's video statement here:

 After reading this,as a Steeler's fan and a man in general,I was pretty disgusted. But when the Rooney's,who own the team,traded away WR Santonio Holmes after a bar encounter but kept ardor for the team faded and I lost any interest in the team. In fact,I didn't watch a any game last year including the Super Bowl.
It really soured me....
  But Tim thats a different story. Being a huge college football fan,I followed Tebow's career at U of Florida. I knew he was a very good college quarterback but also had read the scouts who really didn't think he would be a good NFL pro. But one thing about Tebow that always stood out was his character,he really was a good man off the field. He always has embraced his faith and never shied away from it. When the Broncos drafted him in the first round,he never let the harsh spotlight dampen his spirit,his coaches and peers all alluded to his character and sportsmanship.
   While Tebow played sparingly in his rookie season in 2010,he got his chance to play this year after the Broncos started 1-4. All he did was lead the Broncos to a AFC West title and a game against the Steelers.
He was made fun of for "Tebowing" which isn't new but because its Tim Tebow doing,it has become news.
Basically,when he makes a touchdown,he kneels and says a prayer thanking God. Instead of acting like a asshole like so many other athletes do when scoring,he just kneels. Of couse,other players have done the same thing but never has the focus been on one player.
 Its a sign of his thanking God for doing his JOB. Now I'm not going to debate that,I have my own POV about that but what I will say is I was pretty disgusted with Bill Maher making fun of him after the Broncos lost a game to the Buffalo Bills.
  I like to know why its so funny to attack a young man who has lived a good live,got a education,signed a pro contract and isn't afraid to share his faith?  I think Tebow is exactly the kind of role model I want my nephew Brayden to look up too...a man who gives BACK to his community,who won't make headlines for raping a woman in a bathroom...

Looking at tomorrow's game....I have two thoughts,I wish the Steelers had Tim as our quarterback and I hope the Broncos whip the Steelers as well.
  Well that thats all I is always welcome.

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