Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Niggas in Detroit (thanks to Kanye and Jay Z)

What's Gucci my nigga? 
What's Louie my killa? 
What's drugs my deala? 
What's that jacket, Margiela? 
Doctors say I'm the illest 
Cause I'm suffering from realness 
Got my niggas in Paris 
And they going gorillas, huh! 

- Kanye West and Jay Z

Its 1:09 pm

    Another violent day in the Murder Capital of America. A young woman was killed outside the same nightclub that two cousins were last seen before being found in a car trunk by an abandoned building. The killing pushes the murders so far in 2012 to 19.....a murder a day.
  But once again,there is no out cry,there is only a understaffed police force trying to chase these terrorists down. Another potential problem solver,life saver,difference maker is gone by the way of the gun. But that is what Detroit's legacy is fast becoming....death and destruction. All the media hype about Detroit 2020 or "I'm a Believer" is just that,hype. The moral decay is becoming the rule,not the exception. The city can't govern itself worth a shit and is on pace to not only run outta money by April and be taken over by the state but before this happens,they'll be looking to cut both fire and police services.
  Its already a well known joke how bad our EMS system is....the new fire chief got a rude awakening when he tried to secure credit to buy 23 new ambulances but because the city's credit union is so utterly crappy,he was unable to buy even ONE. So of course the city is rolling in the deep with busted up wagons that even the guys at GAS wouldn't be able to save.
  Which is a damn shame because at the rate of gunfire here in the Murder City,those ambulances are sorely going to be needed.
  Just how bad is it? You know its bad when even the city's funeral homes are starting to get concerned. A industry that makes money with every body that drops is now very concerned and saddened by seeing so many young black kids coming in to get buried. They are seeing up close just like the cops and doctors,at all the potential good that is being lost because everyone can grab a gat and bust caps. 
  Just saw Fox 2 Charlie Langton post a question about if the city of Detroit ran a tourist ad campaign based off the "Pure Michigan" ads and called it "Pure Detroit"? Really???? With the rampant crime in the city,combined with a high unemployment rate and the incredible blight...just exactly what are you going to promote after the 3 casinos,Ford Field and Tiger Stadium? The rows of empty houses? The crime scenes of the 344 murders we had last year? Or perhaps a front row seat for Kwame Kilpatrick's federal corruption trial .
And before you head into the want to consider the following:

Just completely saddened that people will rise up to protect their right to vote but fail to realize that that same passion is needed to help protect the lives of those of the next generation here in the D.
Increase the Peace!

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