Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Almost home....

Its 1:04 pm
   Another grey overcast day....the recycle truck just came by and picked up our bin. Just saw our neighbor's cat,Crash,make his daily run across our front lawn. Derek Jeter is once again sleeping in his bed.
I'm getting a little concerned about him again...he had another incident in the kitchen that I had to clean up. I checked his box and it was pretty clean. I don't know why this is happening but am closely monitering him. The last thing I need is a sick kitty along with a sick wife.
  Two more radiation treatments to go.....and just in time. We have seen a spike in very ill patients in the radiation center as of late. Lori sees the patients and I see their families in the waiting room. We are there so early that often times I am by myself. The front desk clerk says "hello" but that is it. But recently the room has had more morning people. Two of them are brain cancer patients and their treatments only last 3-4 minutes. One gentleman who is only in his early 50s is one of the patients. He has 2 operations already plus several rounds of chemo/radiation. His mind is slowly going away and he is now more like a Alzheimer's patient. His wife has to stay with him at all times since he will wander away if not supervised.
  His wife told Lori that she came down to find that he had put their car keys in the microwave because he thought that help de-ice the locks. All it did was stink up the house and melt the garage door opener. Its an very sad story and we really hope for the best for this couple.
  The caregivers/parents/spouses don't really talk to each other in the main waiting room,each is left to our own thoughts. I generally check to see if any one had read my blog (where IS everyone??) and has decided to add/follow me here. After that I crack open my book and read. I'm still slogging my way through "Detective" which is a okay read. The treatment lasts between 40-50 minutes plus a weekly 15 minute session with Dr. Eisberg.
  Once a week after we are done,we have breakfast out,there are two places we go to,the M&M Cafe or the Red Olive,both run a very good breakfast special.
  The Red Olive is closet to our we ate there today.
 Now last week we had dinner there and it was a hot mess,crappy food and even worse service. A night time manager who was heard cursing in the kitchen and berating her staff on the dining floor. Then they wouldn't honor our coupon...but a call to the owner found the situation very quickly and professionally handled. We got a nice gift card and the restaurant manger,a lovely young lady named Kelly,personally said sorry for our experience and said she was using this incident as training for her staff.
  So we got to the Red Olive this morning and Kelly was working. I introduced Lori to her and she once again tried to apologize for what happened. It really wasn't her fault at all and we were glad to get breakfast.
Now Lori is finding anything she can eat and keep down and one of those things is the homemade chicken soup that the Red Olive makes. We asked if it was possible to get a bowl early since it still breakfast and not only did she do so but she also gave her a bowl for her dinner on the house. What a very kind gesture and we were very touched. Such small kind gestures sure can make one's day and so "thank you Kelly and Red Olive"!
 Did anyone watch the State of the Union speech last night? What did you think? Maybe my old pal Monte will drop by and give his opinion on the speech...I love to hear it!
 I'm keeping this a bit short.....but hope to hear from someone,anyone!


  1. I hope that Lori and Derek Jeter are doing well. How much can one human being take (I am referring to both you and Lori)? You both have gone through so much. You both seem to have an amazing resiliency. Keep your chin up and know I am thinking of the both of you.

  2. Thank you for such a sweet comment,Pam. We are doing pretty well other then the fact she is having a hard time finding a happy medium as to what to eat.
    And compared to some,we have it easy. The writer of the blog "Life is Curious" lost her husband about 9 days ago. So in that respect,we are doing very well. But of course our fight is not over and I'll keep everyone in the loop.