Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Of Superheroes,weather and The Grim Readers

Its 12:46 pm

  Its cold and rainy here in SE Michigan today...I'm off to pay bills and grab some liquid cement over at ACO Hardware. Pretty exciting day here at the ranch to be sure.
Our trip to Ann Arbor was made in a steady rain and heavy fog. Lot of traffic that we don't normally see on Geddes Road as its very light going in so early. The trip is a nice one actually,its pretty wide open with a scattering of both farms and subdivisions.
  In Michigan,they have started to install round-a-bouts on busy roads instead of stop signs or controlled traffic lights. Its nervous as hell to drive through them because you are truly at the mercy of your neighboring driver. If they aren't careful,you're getting smacked but good. And we get to drive through four of these bad boys. On a clear day its hairy enough but on a day like today....twice as bad.
 But we got there in good shape and so day 20 of radiation went off without a hitch.
We came home and made both breakfast and dinner for later before Lori went to work. I am so proud of her and her fighting spirit,she is really amazingly brave. I have said this many times over but it still stands,I was I could trade places with her,she is needed on this planet far more then I am. And that is the truth...
   Was watching HBO this morning and stumbled across a documentary called "Superheroes" in which real life people are dressing up as heroes to try and make a difference. Some of these folks are just sad,some of them are real ernest and for the most part,all of them are distrusted and mocked by the police. Now some of these guys,I can under the giggles but watching one dressed up guy posting fliers up to warn about a sexual predator,well...I don't know,isn't that a little bit heroic?
  In Detroit we have our own band of heroes called the Detroit 300,citizens who are trying to make a major difference and have been responsible for catching 2 rapists and a man who brutally assaulted a 69 year old woman and robbed her. Due to their efforts along with local journalist Charlie LeDuff,the guy was caught and is going away forever.
  While it is weird to see the Mystery Men style costumes,I think its rather cool that these guys are trying to help out. Most of these guys/gals do know the limit of what they can or can't do as far as touching or fighting any criminals they may see. And a while the vast majority of cops poke fun at these guys,many do take the time to warn them to be careful because while Superman can take a bullet,these folks can't.
  I thought it was a well made film and the film makers never interject or offer any opinions on these heroes. The one thing I was surprised at was just how MANY there are,I thought maybe there were 3-5 people TOPS in the country who would dare to dress up like that but we would be wrong,there are a lot of them out in the night,making patrols.
  Below is the trailer for this movie...

Been on book reading binge as of late...just finished a anthology edited by Denise Little called "Constellation of Cats" which was quite charming and in case,quite scary. I'm still slogging my way through "Detective" which I started last year but never finished it. Its now my doctor's visit book,I read it only when I'm with Lori during treatment or exams. Which is why you'll at "*" after it on my Reading List for 2012.
  I was given an 26 year old paperback of Lee Iacocca,former CEO of both Ford and Chrysler. Being that I'm now in the metro Detroit,its to me that I should read it and see why Chrysler almost went belly-up in the 80s.
 But for readers of the horror genre,I encourage you to check out and join author Joan Lemon's new group on FB called The Grim Readers. You have a scary book to recommend or are looking to jolt awake during American Idol,this is the place to do so....you can find the page here:

Tell her Derek Jeter sent you.....well that is it for now. Feel free to share a comment or thought...

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