Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Quick entry...

Its 8:57 am

   Just enough time to toss out a quick entry before I head to a Job Fair. 50 companies are looking to generate goodwill and add to their hiring pools by hosting a event in Livonia. Normally I don't go to these events as they are pretty much cattle calls and no one gets hired that day. But I'm going to take a chance and pass out my resume in hopes of getting a call. I'm also doing it to get a chance to actually mingle with some LIVE people. Seems like the only folks I have been talking to as late are doctors and nurses and I like to get away from that for a while...
    Tomorrow has Lori and I finally heading to the DIA to see the Rembrandt showing...yes,this time we really are going,we even bought our tickets! I'll post about that visit on Thursday.
Thank you so much for your support.

Its 4:24 pm

Job Fair was a total washout......unless you wanted to sell insurance for commission only....

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