Thursday, April 10, 2014

Writing Challenge - Day 6 -"Gojira!"

Its 3:15 pm

     Yep,back at it....pushing out another writing challenge entry. The weather outside is starting to haze over after being clear most of the day. Paladin is on the stairs,he is miffed because he got his paws wet after being told not to scratch the chairs. I hate doing that but it is working,the length of time between incidents is getting longer and longer. Soon,he will stay away from the chair other then to sleep on it.

  As some of you may know,I am a fanboy. A fanboy (or girl) is someone who loves comic books,sci-fi,fantasy,steampunk,cyberpunk and horror. We are the ones who spend our money on each new comic book,on each new DVD that may have a "lost" 30 second clip,we are the first in line to get it. While most folks know Peter Jackson directed The Hobbit,only a true fanboy can name you the craftsman who created Bard the Bowman's bow or can name the characters in Japanese.
  I like to surf YouTube for new stuff to look at,I have recently started posting some videos of Paladin online and afterwards I poke around. In doing so,I found a most awesome series.

   One of my earliest fanboy moments came when I discovered kaiju movies. Kaiju as in Godzilla movies. They used to show them on KTLA in Los Angeles and we kids always came inside to watch them. Godzilla,Mothra,Rodan and Gamera the flying turtle. Everyone had a favorite monster...Godzilla was so popular at one point here in the States,he had own Saturday morning cartoon show and Marvel Comics put out a comic book that had Godzilla having tea with Spider Man,seeing who burned hotter contests with The Human Torch and playing tag with S.H.E.I.L.D. long before Phil Coulson joined up.

  After a while the Godzilla popularity faded here and despite better film making technologies,Godzilla did a slow fade in Japan too. The 80s and early 90s were sort of quiet for the Big G,movies were made but the audience just wasn't there for them as in the past.
  Then Sony announced in 1992 that it was going to make a Hollywood version of Godzilla and a after a six year tussle and huge hype,Godzilla came out in 1998 to complete and utter rejection by not only fanboys but but EVERYONE. It was one of the worst movies of the year and the studios in Japan disowned it,saying it was NOT part of any Godzilla canon.

  This crushed any revival of Godzilla here in the States. Back he went across the Pacific....but something funny happened,anime suddenly started becoming very hot here in the states. The aforementioned Robotech, Voltron, Transformers and Power Rangers all became hot properties based on mechs becoming modern day kaijus. Kids were all over the toys,comics and action figures,the TV shows became "must see" for kids all over. Parents were fighting tooth and claw for kid toys at your local McDonald's.
  The Power Rangers movie,extremely cheap to make,came out with huge box office and suddenly the kaiju idea was being talked about again.

  Yu-Gi-Oh! hit America after hitting it huge in Japan...the story of young duelists using kaiju as weapons glowed white hot as everyone scrambled for cards,tourneys and the TV show.
 As momentum gathered steam, J.J. Abrams released "Cloverfield" about a monster attacking New York City and it became a huge hit.
  Toho Studios released "Godzilla: Final Wars" in 2004 and said it wouldn't make another film for "at least 10 years". The studio then destroyed some sets that were being used and that was it.
  While others tried to get Godzilla back on the screen,it wasn't until Legendary Studios met with Toho to secure the US rights for Godzilla. Legendary Films has become the "fanboy" studio as it has released the Batman Trilogy,Watchmen,300,both Superman movies and the kaiju/mech hit,Pacific Rim.

  Toho sat down with Legendary and outlined who Godzilla was and more importantly,what he was NOT. They did not want another disaster as the Sony produced Zilla film.
   Legendary agreed and a who slew of fanboy "who's who" writers came on board to help get the script ready,careful thought was put into casting and now,a mere month from now,the new Godzilla will premiere here.
   Now I have to admit,I had heard that Godzilla would be fighting other monsters this time around. Mothra and Rodan were being mentioned as possible foes and while I for one,would be jazzed for that,the producers have decided to go with brand new monsters for him to fight.
  How will this play out? I have no this why I can talking about the kaiju series I stumbled across on YouTube called "Godzilla and his Amazing Friends".

This series is made by a guy named Goji73 (Gojira is Godzilla in Japanese) using stop motion animation and toys from both the Godzilla line and from another famous Japanese series called "Ultra Man). He has made 15 mini-films featuring Godzilla and his pals,Rodan and Anguirus along with other allies facing off against other monsters.
  The plots are cool and even feature story arcs from episode to the next. I love the fact he always has Godzilla on the ropes and has Anguirus come in at the last second with a massive blind side attack that sends the other kaiju flying. Goji73 uses all the original monster voices for each creature and treats his cast with respect. There are no stock footage because Toho is very protective of its property and YouTube will pull down any video with footage featured.
   I thought I would end this little entry with the first two episodes of "Godzilla and his Amazing Friends".
Personally,I am hoping for a appearance from my favorite,Jet Jaguar! Time will tell....but until then,enjoy these!

Thank you again for your comments and I am taking some advice from a couple of writers who suggested I take to one subject per entry during this challenge.I don't know how I am going to promote this....but hey,at least I got it done!

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  1. I love meeting new people with quirky collections. Mine is spoons ;) Look forward to reading/learning more!

    1. Thank you,Michelle! Spoons,huh? I bet you have quite the collection!
      thank you for stopping by!

  2. I have a friend who collects comic books and anything hero/related. You two would get along like peas in a pod. :)

    1. I do enjoy a good read or a action film. Seeing the heroes I grew reading is pretty exciting...*s*

  3. Well, I'm not a collector of comic books, and I'm not into Godzilla. So, what can I say, then? Hmm ... this is a challenge. ;) I enjoyed your post though! This is my second, or maybe third time to your blog. I'll be back, I'm sure.

    1. Thank you so much,Jeanne....I am very grateful for your visits and comments. And I know I will be visiting your blog again as well...

  4. I read the Superman comics as a child--hundreds of years ago it seems. But, I haven't looked at one since. The closest I get is to watch ...Agents of Shield on the television.

    1. Its a shame AoS took so long to get going,they have made so many mistakes on the show and the ratings have fallen so far,I hope they get another season to try and recover.

  5. I've never really bought comics. I buy magazines once in a blue moon. (I.e once or twice a year) :P

    1. I am with you,Sophie. While I have been able to get good books and hardcover ones at that for a dollar,magazines are so expensive. More often then not,I will go to a cafe,have a coffee and read them there because I can't afford them.
      But somehow I ended up on a magazine's press list and have gotten it for free the past three years.