Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Writing Challenge- Day 1

It's  9:20 am

I am taking part of a 30 day writing challenge....these entries will be small and not exactly very exciting. I am doing it because I need to see if I can write everyday.

Yesterday saw me doing some light errands,did some shopping at my two places. The grocery store was pretty busy for the middle of the day,I was able to get the ingredients I needed for my next Pink Hat mission.
  The weather is now nice enough for me to open the windows up...which at first presented a problem with Paladin...when he first came and he had the window,he was very vocal and aggressive about it. So much so,I had to take the window away as not get to get him completely riled up. During the winter,he and I have bonded extremely well (except for the furniture) and I was curious to see how he would act. At first,I was very disappointed as he once again was very vocal and wound up. I took the window away but noticed one huge change,he was marking me (rubbing against my leg) and purring. He was NOT I opened the window and just watched him. He was fine with me petting him but he was meowing so much that I understood him. He really was a indoor/outdoor cat. I never thought he was based on his condition of his fur which is extremely soft and his pads are not scuffed as outdoor cats are. I always thought he had just gotten out and just kept going.
  But his patterns and meowing have told me otherwise,he just wants to go outside. But that can never happen as that is how I have him now...

  Finished H. Norman Schwartzkopf's biography, "It Doesn't Take A Hero" yesterday. It was a very interesting read and I enjoyed reading it quite a bit. What you come away with is just how really little the American public really knows about waging war. The coalition was pretty much a coalition in name only and Norman didn't really seem to like Dick Cheney much. Colin Powell and Norman worked very well together and what made Norman the perfect man to lead Desert Storm was he understood and respected the Arab culture. Learning some interesting facts about the war like acknowledging that it was the White House who let the fighting continue 10 more hours so they could brand it "The Hundred Hour War".
  The overwhelming amount of airpower brought to bear against the Iraqis is staggering,most of the targets were destroyed with the first 10 days.The pressure of high command has never been realized better then in this book. A 4 star general has to be as much politican as he does battlefield commander.

Starting my new book "Captive" this afternoon after I break in my new shoes and getting my haircut.

I also am excited to have another guest blogger stopping by exciting new writing talent from the UK will be coming by very soon with something very different!

Quick shout outs

Rich and Pam - safe trip to Arizona and your new adventure!
Cheryl - Thanks for the coupon for my new shoes!
Sophie - Can't wait to see what you are bringing
Angie - Thank you for your honesty,always.

Day 1 of my challenge is done.


  1. Rolo loves to sit in the window for hours -- especially when I have it open a little bit. Lots of bird action out there.

    1. He gets so excited when he sees a cat or raccoon on the patio,stands on his back legs and paws at the window.

  2. Best of luck on completing your challenge. You will find it worthwhile in many ways, if it is the challenge I'm thinking of. Sometimes, people who start blogging every day just can't stop - I am one of them. Alana

    1. Some days I am indeed inspired,some days I need to vent and other days I go without writing. I notice I get bottled up when I don't write. Thank you very much for stopping by,Alana!

  3. Whoo hoo good luck with your challenge!

    1. Thank you Angelica! Tell a friend!

  4. The best of luck with your challenge!

    1. Finding something everyday to write about is the challenge in itself.
      Do know that your guest entry will not be considered as part of the challenge.