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Writing Challenge - Day 10- Put-In-Bay

It's 12:40 pm

 Having trouble posting on the iPad in Blogger,so I am still reposting from my old blog on FB. When I get my new computer up and running,I shall return...until then I will be reposting older blogs and interesting articles from elsewhere. 

This was originally posted on 22 May 09.
Its 12:05 pm

I have a few minutes before I start mowing my lawn so I decided to write.

We got back from Put-In-Bay late afternoon yesterday,it was the perfect getaway. The timing couldn't have been better. No crowds,perfect weather and lots to see since we were there 2 years ago.
We stayed as always w/DJ Parker..he and his mom run 3 bed and breakfast places for couples only. The first two trips we stayed at the Toledo House which is downtown PIB. But we decided to try the Niagara House this trip. Its about a mile from downtown and more quiet. The house was quiant and a little quirky. The rooms were comfy but outdated,the little reading section featured magazines from 1990-1996. While there were no TVs in the bedrooms,the one downstairs was very old and had a VCR and 15 movies,none which was out past 1995. It was like being a small time warp.
But since we were to explore,we didn't mind and out we went in our golf cart. Most of the shops were just getting ready for the tourist seasons,they were open but stocking new items. We decided to bypass that and go see if the peacocks we had seen before were still around. We jumped on the smallest state road in Ohio,the 0-357,and went looking.
We noticed a lot of "for sale" signs on the island but we noticed a lot of construction as well. Lot of homes getting updated,roofs repaired or rooms added on. The tree trimmers were out in full force as well.
While we didn't see our peacocks,we saw a abundance of beautiful songbirds and a small air force of Canadian geese. The water at the end of 0-357 was gently lapping the shoreline,the breeze was warm and gentle. We sat there without speaking and let nature do all the talking.

We headed back thru downtown. We stopped and while we drinking a beer and a iced coffee..we watched this drunk romeo try and put the moves on his date to no avail. As we just sat down,they left,slightly walking to the left...both toasted at 12:15 pm.

We went to the hatchery but it was closed during the week. We didn't see any LEWS (Lake Erie Water Snakes) and was glad of that. While LEWS are non-poisonous,they have a very nasty and painful bite. We cracked up because we like watching "Dirty Jobs" on Discovery and the host,Mike Rowe,actually had to catch LEWS for field studies. He got bit so many times,he finally said "the hell with this shit" and refused to keep going. LEWS are pretty aggressive but are very protected by the residents of PIB.

After poking around some more,we had a fine steak dinner and since my wife loves American Idol,we had to watch that. She was laughing at me when I said Kris Allen was going to win,she thought there no way it was going to happen. We both cracked up watching Kara destroy that talentless bikini betty in singing that "duet"...and watching KISS and Queen play live was awesome. So when Kris was named winner,my wife asked me how did I know....and the answer was easy.

Adam Lambert is by FAR the better of the two singers....but when the American Idol producers (Simon Cowell) are basically pushing and manipulating Adam to win instead of letting his talent do it for him,the voters rejected him. You saw the same thing last year w/David Cook and the way AI shamelessly used his dying brother to hype Cook up over the then front runner,David Archuleta. Its pretty disgusting to see and when Katy Perry (who the hell ever signed her should be flogged) came out with Adam's name on her was over. If AI wasn't going to play fair,then the voters would feel cheated and so they reacted with thier vote.
Kris Allen will have a nice little career but Adam with be the bigger star. 

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