Friday, January 25, 2013

Medical Update plus some Love and Compassion x 2!

Its 8:51 am

   Looking outside at a cold day here at the U of M's infusion clinic. We're here for another blood transfusion and awaiting the blood to be delievered from the blood bank in Ann Arbor.
Its a little late as we are starting to get snow here,the forecast is calling for 1-3 inches but Ann Arbor is getting walloped early so it might be a heavier total then expected.
  Lori is asleep and I am at the infusion's public computer dropping this entry. Patients are slowly coming in and heading to various doctors and departments.
   We had to wait two hours for the blood courier to drop off the first pint from U of Michigan Hospital. He was delayed because of the nasty weather. Its a 20 mile one trip to our local infusion clinic and he is only allowed to bring one pint at a time! Its only when the first pint is delivered and running can Mel,Lori's RN,can call to Ann Arbor and request the second pint!

 This means yet another driver will have to put one pint of blood in his car/van and make the 40 mile round trip. You can't help but feel rather peeved that the system isn't more streamlined but since the infusion clinic does only an average of one or two transfusion a week because they don't have the proper equipment to house whole blood,its the only way they can do do transfusions.
 But again,Mel made it so easy....she came in early just so Lori could get started. She has really taken quite a shine to us for some reason and she insists on being Lori's RN. So that is why we were able to check in at 7 am instead of the normal 8 am. Very grateful to say the least...feel very blessed!
  The snow is still falling very lightly,its looking like we're going to get a little more then a inch this afternoon. Makes for slippery roads so I'll be leaving for work 45 minutes earlier then my 30 minutes. In this kind of weather slow is the way to go...
  Pretty excited to say I'm posting the new interview tomorrow afternoon. That is a shame since my interview with designer Evon Cassier has brought the most traffic of any post I have printed so far. That "8 Questions with...." has been looked at over 360 times so far and its still being hit! To put it in perspective,the last entry drew only 27 page views....but a writer on Twitter has pointed out a new site to help move this blog along which I hope it does. I do have to give a shout out to a person on FB,Yvette Brooks,who has a blog promotion page in which she encourages people to promote their writing. Its one of the places I do post updates as well as a few friend's pages.

   I realized only after I posted that I had totally fumbled the ball and forgot to post Elaine Hendrix's new video blogs about animal rescue. I'm going to fix that right now and you're going to watch and then do something to help a it donate a buck the next time you buy pet food,report an animal that has been left in the elements or if you're a blood thirsty NRA gun owner looking to shoot a bad bust a cap in a animal abuser that you may see in action. Okay,maybe not but you get the drift....

But since I am now slightly behind,this is the third entry and one of the most powerful...

Please feel free to repost the videos on your own social media outlets but more importantly,drop by Elaine's page and drop her comment on her new series. It is critically important we do what we can to have save an animal's life. Love and compassion has to start with us,doesn't it? Pity that we don't have the same desire to save lives,human or animal,as much as we fight for the right to take that same life.


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