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21st Century Battlefield: Shawty Lo,Steve Burke and Bob Greenblatt

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     Its a bright beautiful chilly day here in SE Michigan. I have a day off which means I can throw down a quick entry. While I did sort of ramble on a bit,I was glad to finally be able to write something down...its such a great stress release to be able to blog and get my thoughts on the page.
  Thanks to Dayle,Renee and Alexis among others for dropping by and taking the time to read my latest entry.
    As I posted before,we finally have a winner of one of the 3 FREE CDs that Carl Henry graciously allowed to be given away during his "8 Questions with...." interview with me. And now the winner is getting her CD....I still have TWO free CDs to be had merely by leaving a comment below...leave me a email addy so I can contact you for your information.

   I was on Twitter last night when I caught a tweet from local journalist Alexis Wiley of Fox 2 talking about a new series called "All My Babies' Mama" which is being produced for Oxygen (which is owned by Comcast/NBC/Universal/General Electric). The premise of this "reality" show is showcasing a rapper named Shawty Lo who has 11 kids by 10 different women and all the "drama" that goes with it.
  The show has been instantly blasted for the damaging stereotyping that shows how careless and reckless blacks are in regarding bringing kids into this world.
  There are far too many black families that suffer from a single parent which is almost always the momma that once they get pregnant,the father skips town and pays little or no support. The concept of what a true family is in the black community is a rare event. So many times you'll read about a sports star or entertainer like Shawty himself who was raised by a single parent or maybe a grandparent. The structure of raising a family is forever broken for far too many kids.
   Shawty,or Carlos Walker,knows first hand what this is like....he was raised by his grandmother but was having his first child at the age of 15.
  He spent 10 years selling poison in his projects before deciding to get in the "game" by using the profits of his drug dealing to fund a record. He later was arrested and spent time in jail for assault and selling cocaine.
 Between having kids by the 10 different women,he still made music,had a hot feud with another rapper which caused an awards show to be shut down when both rival posses clashed and had to separated.
In other words,if Carlos didn't have his music career,who knows where he would be and what he would be doing.

Alexis asked what her Twitter followers what we thought of this upcoming show. I commented its just another way that the media continues to keep the black race down by promoting shows like this as the new slavery. Because face it....its a racist concept,the black man as an uneducated,sex on the mind,gots to get mine that the media keeps force feeding us.
  So whose idea was it for this show and to "green light" it? How about the friendly folks from General Electric,Comcast and Universal? Steve Burke,a fine white Irish Catholic gentleman who is also a director at JP MorganChase.

 Steve Burke

Bob Greenblatt

Bob,who is the only openly gay Jewish broadcast TV president,are the slave owners of this unholy mess.

But they are merely following the course that the media has laid out for us regarding blacks and other minorities. While you won't see a black driven character show on TV,you can get your fill of "Basketball Wives","Real Housewives of Atlanta","Lock-Up" or any other stereotypical crap you see on the TV or big screen. There are so little positive role models for the black community outside sports and music. How can there be when people like Burke and Greenblatt are doing their best to prevent that? They rather keep fostering the shuck and jive and hustle of the black man instead of putting on more shows that promote positive role models.
  Carlos is merely being played for a fool,a pawn in the bigger scheme. NBC wants to appear like a liberal "brother" to America,using its MSNBC Newschannel to support President Obama,but take a deeper look down the rabbit hole,they are no better then other media outlet who continues to show different minorities in an overwhelming negative light.
   There is no easy answer to this problem....but rising up and demanding such filth not be shown on TV is a good start. And shame on NBC for once again taking the cheap tawdry way instead of truly being daring and showcasing a postive family who is trying to do the right in bringing up a family.


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