Tuesday, January 8, 2013

All over the place....

Its 4:00 pm

   Just got home from work....was invited to a class given by my work for a new position. Another co-worker and I drove to Novi and underwent the training involved. Its not a hard job but when the regional director explained how its supposed to function,it suddenly occurred to all 16 employees who were there how vital the class was.
  I thought I was picked for the class just because I happened to be at work and they needed a warm body but I was pleasantly surprised to know some thought had gone into it and I was selected out of a pool of about 12 people. Made me feel good to know that my hard work and drive had been noticed and that despite what is going on here as far as Lori's illness has not spilled over into my work. When my ASM mentioned that he wouldn't have known anything was wrong by on my work demeanor,I felt good about that. While I won't lie and say its all cream and roses,I do forget our battle when I come to work. I'm there to do a job,not wallow or dwell in what is happening.
  And to my work's credit,they are very quick and gracious to honor any request I have in regards to Lori and her treatment. I have not missed a single day since I have started and have no plans to do so...work is too important to even think about missing at this point.
  To have a job...very grateful to have one.

Random act of kindness....

    Lori comes home last week and while I was rubbing her feet to help relieve the neuropathy brought about by the chemotherapy,she told me about one of her associates who has been having just a brutal time as of late. The young lady who once had two jobs and was going to class while living with a friend all of a sudden had the wheels come off...she was laid off from her main job,had a sudden medical emergency that left her unable to complete her classes and work. Because of the sudden loss of income,she was unable to stay with her friend and had to move out to another person's smaller place.
  While she recovered from her medical issues,she used every cent she had to pay rent and gas in her car..she couldn't apply for state aid because students now can rarely get benefits...this truly was the perfect storm for this young lady. It got so bad that even another employee who also is trying to improve herself by going to school,shared what food she could with this woman.
  Soon it became apparent to everyone what was happening and my wife's team has stepped up...we donated a box of food,another manager delivered some home cooked meals and yet another co-worker bought her some basic grocery items. We also gave her a list of known resources that we know about and hopefully this will help her while she recovers.

  The founder of the Sanctuary of Style,Tiffany Hendra,wrote a blog entry called "Speak Life Not Death" on her website. After I read this and seeing just how truly ugly some brain-washed Americans really are,I thought long and hard about closing my own group on FB. Just watching the blind ignorance,hatred and foolishness being posted about having a right to own a gun to defend themselves from "criminals" is just sickening. The gun loving teapublicans who rather murder and maim each other then realize that they themselves are the problem as really left me rather sad.
 I am going to give the group a last effort,I made my friend Michelle a admin with the hope she can keep the one day where I asked for peace,which is bitterly ironic. The one day and the one basic request,to not post anything negative or political and what happens? My rights and feelings are trampled in the name of people expressing their own rights and everyone else be damned. I wonder if they even realize what they are doing...and by the traffic here,very few of them even bother to see how Lori is doing,which was the basis for the group in the first place.
   But as I posted before,I am looking for more gentleness this year....so the gun lovers who are jealous of the fact they haven't yet gathered enough courage to slaughter 27 people in the name of the NRA and the 2nd Amendment can go have their negative and narrow POV on their own page....

Another random act of kindness....

  Working at my store and waiting on some contractors...it was pretty busy at our work and we had a few people in line. As I was ringing the two workers,a woman in the other line was finishing up her order and paid with a gift card. After she was done,she leaned over and handed me the card saying the two men could have what was left. I scanned the card and while the total was only 2.71,it was the gesture that was touching. I thanked the customer and as she was leaving,one of the young men also reached out and thanked her. (the other one was paying me). People behind were touched by such a small gesture...

  One of the best things that has happened as of late is my friend Scorpion has resumed his blog,"As My Stomach Turns". Who knew that Jackson,Michigan could be so zany and Jimmy Buffett like? But what do I know....other then Aaron is a prince of a guy and a very funny writer.
  I'm posting in his own words what happened to him after our recent snow storm...

Just after Xmas, we got a pretty good snow fall here.  Thursday afterwards, I ran some errands including a trip to Ann Arbor to drop off the Mac for some repairs.  On the way back, I stopped back at the house, before heading off to take care of some things.  As I turned on to Elm Street from the park, I got behind an old beat up full-size van.  I’m guessing he just got out and about recently, because the snow was just coming off the top of his van and landing square on my windshield.
I figured maybe he would turn onto I-94, but he continued straight down Elm… the same way I was going.  Great.  Well, I figured when it went to 4-lanes, I could at least get around him.  However, when I got into the left lane, he also sped up just enough to keep in front of me and keep the blowing snow hitting my car.  I darted just about 52, but knowing how close we were to the state police post (and seriously doubting Elf was on duty at this time of the day), I didn’t dare go much faster.  However I was betting on him slowing down for the left turn onto Parnall Road, by the prison.
Sure as shit, he slowed way down to negotiate the curve, and being smaller (as well as quite familiar with that curve at ‘higher’ speeds), I was able to dart right by him.  There was traffic in the left hand lane up ahead, and I darted back into the right lane in front of him.  He immediately changed over to the left lane, and I knew right away he was going to try to make the mad dash around me before we caught up to the traffic.  I was hoping that my beloved little civic could out-accelerate him, and sure as shit I was able to fend him off.  It helped that the light was red up ahead at Cooper, and I toyed with him a little as we approached: slowing down just enough that he couldn’t get around me before the light changed, so that he’d have to slow down himself and get behind me.  For some reason, I thought of Tom Cleveland’s ‘Zebra Salad’ story from last issue, and figured Tom Cat would be getting his ya-ya’s if he was riding shotgun with me at this time.
I figured the van driver was probably pretty irritated by now, but I wasn’t done yet.  Light turned green and I gunned it through the intersection before he even had stepped on the gas pedal.  I watched as he changed to the left lane just past the intersection and floored it, snow still a blowing off the top of his van.  Where in the fuck did he have that thing parked at to have that much fucking snow?!?  Are you kidding me?!?
Ahead of me was a semi-truck in the right lane, so I changed over to the left lane.  I watched as he immediately changed to the right lane, and seeing the semi in front of him, gunned it to once again get in the position to ‘snow-blow’ me, even though by now it appeared he’d FINALLY lost just about all of the snow on the roof of his van.  I was doing about 60, and he was gaining on me, but I could sense his frustration as we approached the traffic ahead and he had to slow down.  Nope, he wasn’t going to get around me for one last bombardment, and by the time he got to where I was at, I was already turning left onto Lansing Ave.  But not before rolling down the window and offering a defiant One Finger Holiday Gesture to the fuck-wad.

After reading the above story,I think we'll have to count this as a random act of kindness simply for the fact neither one of these guys busted out a AR-15 or AK-47 and started busting caps at each other.
And Aaron,thanks for letting me post this....*LOL*

   Its been two weeks and still no action from Derek or Snacks on the new cat bed. I had to give back Derek his old batcave in which he instantly jumped back into while Snacks continued to sleep on her pillow.

In other words,my Christmas present was a epic failure....but I did try...
But someone who didn't fail is the lovely Elaine Hendrix. She has started a videoblog on YouTube bringing to light the needs of animals who need our love and compassion every single day. Elaine has been working tirelessly on the behalf of neglected dogs and cats for many years now and her grassroots efforts are really starting to take off.
   Because I'm all for "doing my part"*,I'll be reposting her videos on my blog when she posts them online. I hope that you will drop by and pay her page a visit and leave a comment or better yet,volunteer in some way at a shelter or a donate a dollar the next time you buy some catfood at PetSmart or PetCo.

   Cleaned out my coupon book this week....it had been six weeks since I had the energy to clean it out,we just haven't been shopping very much as of late due to the fickle nature of Lori's chemo. I make small runs here and there but as for a "big shop"I haven't had much time.

But this week,I zipped over to Coupons.com and went to town downloading fresh coupons and then spending 2 hours emptying my book. The pantry took a bit of a hit with our donation to Lori's co-worker,we  actually were out of a lot of items,including soup,tuna and cereal. With that in mind,we cut and gathered some new coupons and headed out.
  Wow....I knew some items were going up but really??? Talk about sticker shock! We poked around and shopped our list the best we could. Is it just me or is the price of toilet paper just insane these days? I can't get over how high it has shot up so quickly...
  The store was busy and we were only able to shop 40 minutes before Lori's energy gave way and we headed up to the check out...we saved 10.40 on coupons which was a real blessing. Our regular cashier says we are one of the dedicated coupon shoppers she sees. That was nice to hear and reinforces what we have come to embrace....being smart shoppers does pay off.

Hockey is back!!!!

Who cares?

Well.....that is all for me this round,I know I rambled on a fair bit but those who come read me have come to expect that I believe! I post again soon!

* - my inner "Starship Troopers" in me coming out

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