Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Singing the gutter blues

Its 8:15 am
    Traffic has really slowed on here....still stuck on 8 followers. But very happy to have them and you (if you're reading this) here. I know I don't write the most exciting entries but it feels good just to be able to put some words on "paper".
   Its yet another awesome day here in SE Michigan,with weather like this coming now...its telling me its going to be a great summer. I guess Arizona is already feeling that as it hit 104 degrees this week and even in Portland,Oregon,where my brother lives,it hit 90!. Good time to be working on that tan!
   I would have liked to tell you how happy I am with my clean gutters but I cannot. Trying to get a simple task done is turning into a major pain in my ass. This is rather a surprise as well since I used a Angie's List type of service to help a good company. Its called Service Magic and you place what you want done and up to 3 local companies will call and try and get the job. We have used this service before and had good results,so this what we did again. First guy was very nice and drove out to take a look but he wanted 200.00. The second company,Chimney Cricket offered to do it for 125 which included taking away the trash/debris in the gutters.
Strangely,we didn't get a 3rd call....so we went with Chimney Cricket. Made the appointment for last Saturday only to have them call and say the guy they had coming out had a accident and broke his thumb. So scratch that off....rescheduled the appointment for yesterday which I covered in my last post. Spent 2.5 hours waiting for the new guy to show up....when Chimney Cricket finally showed up at 3:30 pm,they sent one guy....the guy with the broken thumb!! His hand looked terrible and I said "Nope. No way in hell am I letting you go up there by yourself with just one hand!". Appalled this "company" and I use this term lightly,would put a worker at risk by sending him out to do a job like that with just one hand! He thanked me  because I don't think he felt confident in attacking my high roof with just one hand either.
  So back to square one....going to to try new company who offered to do the job for 75.00 but am leery of a lo-ball offer like that because the work might not be done very well. So despite this snafu,might have to gamble and let Chimney Cricket have one more chance at this. But I'm also thinking it might worth spending 14.00 to join Angie's List as well. Has anyone joined that service and if so,how has it worked so far? Would love to get some feedback......
   On Thursday I'll be posting my next interview in my "8 Questions with...." series with Detroit blues legend Carl Henry. As a added bonus,we'll be giving away 2 signed EPs of Carl's music to some lucky readers. I will fill you in on the details once I post the interview.
Well that is all I have for now.....going to dive back into Lisa Ann Walter's book. "The Best about My Ass..." may have a funny title but its a very moving autobiography by one of the sweetest people you would ever want to meet. Normally I speed read through my books but this one is demanding that I read it slowly.
Leaving you with a little Pittsburgh Dad,this is quickly becoming a "must see". Funny,funny stuff!

See you on Thursday!

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