Thursday, May 17, 2012

Prayers for Harlow

Its 4:34 pm

    I was going to post my Carl Henry interview today but am pushing it back til tomorrow....I hope that Carl and the rest of my readers will bear with me.
 Just feel like I need to just freestyle today...have a few things to post about....

This is Harlow....Harlow,named after the famous Jean Harlow,shares a life with actress Monique Parent. It was because of our mutual love of cats that Monique and I have become friends. We have swapped mail about our crazy cats and how much they mean to us. For Monique,this is especially true as between movie shoots and traveling up and down the state of California for her other job,she is often away from her Harlow. Many times she has posted how much she is looking forward to heading home because she knows a certain kitty is waiting by the door just as eager for her friend to come home safely.
  I know this emotion as well as does every person who shares a life with a dog,cat,pigeon,iguana (hi Zorro!!!). I see this every day when I'm home and the garage door opener starts to open. Derek and Ginger will start walking to the door to greet Lori. Or if its me,Derek will meow a greeting. Its such a comfort knowing you are missed and are welcomed home every day. Of course when we go up north or on vacation,the cats are a lot aloof because they don't like that they are left behind.
But I have never heard Monique mention that Harlow does this. I know she loves to curl up on or by Monique or Chris (Monique's boyfriend).
   But now Harlow is very ill with a tumor in her head that needs to be operated on in a hurry. And so next week,Harlow is being operated on and in the process,will lose a eye. While this is a major ordeal,dogs and cats seem to adjust to such major trauma so much better then humans. Harlow will recover but going through this must be pure hell for Monique and Chris. I know I would be a basket case if this was Derek. I am aware that DJ is now 12 and will be 13 in October. I try not to think about this but its in your head,though who have elder pets know what I speak of.
  I am asking that you please keep Harlow in your prayers and thoughts on Tuesday and that she comes through her operation in good shape and recovers quickly.

We love you Harlow!

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