Monday, May 14, 2012

Musing on a Monday (and happy Booday to Boo)

Its 8:58 am.

       First and foremost,I like to wish Boo,a slightly belated birthday. After watching the videos and hearing about Boo's background,you come to realize that Boo really is a "Cinderella Man" type of on YouTube and "Your daily Boo" and prepared to be enchanted by Boo and his fun loving buddy,Craig.

  I like to say a big thank you to everyone who came by and read the interview with Joan Lemon. Already have the next one ready to go and seeing who else will want to drop and chat with me here.
  Its a beautiful day today...the sun is shining,the sky is blue and the weather is getting warmer. The neighbors across the street are having new siding put on their house so you can hear the work crews already at it. Have seen a couple of morning walkers of which one of them will be me.
   Like to to report that our gutters look nice and clean but I can't. Seems like the guy with whom we had coming from Chimney Cricket broke his thumb last week and couldn't make it on Saturday. Sort of hard to lift and place a ladder with a broken thumb but no worries,they already called and are coming out this afternoon to get the job done.
   Like I wrote before,being a 99er means a lot things don't happen,like simple things like cleaning a gutter or planting a flowerbed,you don't have the money to do these small little take it for granted projects. So I hope folks can understand why I'm so tickled with being able to write about my gutter or getting the carpets cleaned or bathroom painted. Makes it seem like life is returning to normal a project at a time.

I am meeting some interesting people at my job.....had a guy come in wearing a BP (as in BP oil spill) gas station shirt and buying some things for a project. I asked him where his station was at,he says "Detroit". I made the Sign of the Cross because owning a gas station in Murder City might challenge a crab fisherman or a bomb disposal expert for the most dangerous job in America. While most of us go there for gas and a slurpee,niggas go there to get beat and shot. A man and a woman were beat senseless this week when the man,who is black,said "Hello" to a couple of other black men in a gas station. The two thugs took exception to that and started jacking him up...when the guy tried to run outside,he ran into four other black men who were friends of the attackers,who then proceeded to sock both the man AND his girl up.
   The gas station owner shook his and smiled at my gesture...but he said "But no more. I'm getting out,its too dangerous for me anymore. I don't want to get robbed anymore or even die". It was pretty sad to hear him this because you know he had invested his life savings into trying a piece of the American Dream,owning a business that helps the community,going home to family and friends. And now being forced to sell because of fearing of who or what might happen to him....just sad.
   And the other person I met this weekend also was interesting,a dealer at Greektown,a local casino in Detroit. She was wearing her uniform and I asked her what she did at the casino. When she said "Dealer",I said "That must be pretty exciting" to which she replied with a sad voice "No,its actually pretty crappy. I deal with a so many people who can't afford to be there losing their money and blaming me for it. I just don't understand it,how they blame me...I didn't put them there,didn't force them to gamble and lose the rent check or house payment".
  After she left,we talked about about casinos,while a couple of my co-workers have been,they rarely go because they don't like the idea of losing money. Can't say I blame them. But with casinos now opening in Ohio,including Toledo,the fear is Detroit is going to lose about 30-35 million dollars a year in revenue from the folks in Ohio who will stay home and gamble instead of coming to Detroit.
  Guess the wackiest story this week happened when a man was (all together now) shot in Detroit. All three local stations sent crews out to report on the shooting. The Keystone Kops of Ralph Godbee,the "chief" of the police went out and worked the crime scene,throwing up a yellow taper barrier to keep the shooting site off-limits to everyone.

As the news crews waited patiently outside the crime,the cops wrapped up the scene and left. The crews interviewed the people around the area asking what happened. Fox 2 sent journalist Robin Schwartz to cover this murder and as she and her camera person were in the van,another camera person from WDIV 4 tapped on Robin's van and showed them what he spotted right by the Fox 2 newsvan...something the hard hitting dicks from the DPD somehow managed to overlook:

A gun lying in the some grass but visible to the naked eye. Robin called the police who then came back and took control of the weapon. The murder victim,a 23 year old man,Marcus Anderson had been shot 5 times and when the cops opened up this gun,there were 5 spent shell casings. The local media had found the murder weapon!! Pretty  surreal to say the least. But glad the gun was found and hopefully the Keystone Kops don't fuck it up even more so justice maybe can found for Mr. Anderson.

  Still haven't seen The Avengers yet,but so far no one has knocked on my door and asked for my fanboy card back as of yet. Fact is,my wingman and fellow fanboy,the infamous Farm Boy,has been galloping around the countryside working and is rarely here long enough to check out a flick. But am keeping out hope that one day before its run ends,I'll be able to see it.
  Alrightly then.....guess that will be a wrap for today! Time to put on some socks and get ready to mow some grass,get the gutters cleaned and start working on my new 8 Questions interview,one that I think will inspire a lot you.

Happy Mother's Day to all those mothers out there!

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