Monday, May 7, 2012

Saying goodbye to Amy.

Its 2:41 pm

   Last night I read that Amy Rauch Neilson had passed from her breast cancer. She had been fighting for many years which included a period of remission. About two years ago it came back and she had been hitting a brave fight ever since.
   Regular readers here and the IC group have heard me talk about Amy and her fight for a while. I never met Amy or even talked to her except via email but her blog and those emails helped a very scared husband come to understand what my wife was facing in dealing with her cancer. Because of her,I was able to read about therapies,questions to ask our doctors,how to prepare and react to both chemo and radiation. Never once did I ever feel out of my element and a large part of that was because of Amy Neilson.
 I cannot thank her enough for sharing her illness and fight with us,her legacy,one of many,will be how her writing in what she was going through helped so many others either deal or overcome this terrible monster and how not to let cancer define who we are. I am terribly saddened at her passing,I sat here last night and wept for her husband and her little boy. Such a tight loving little family who lived life at its fullest. I have taken that to heart and despite facing many hardships even today,my wife and I are living our lives with that gusto...we never let this slow us down and inspired by Amy,we'll continue to do matter what tomorrow may bring us.

Its a cool chilly day today,overcast and grey. Listening to some Mermaid Kiss on the iPod while typing this entry. Derek has moved his prime sleeping place from the bed to in front of my dresser drawers. He is curled up in a big ball of fur and looks very peaceful.
   I'm waiting for a gentleman named Leon to call me,we decided we are getting the gutters cleaned this week. We have used a website called ServicePro which is sort of like a Angie's List except that its free to help us find a good service. So far we have been very happy with the quality of the help,the repairs we have had done have been fairly priced and as I said,the work is good.
  Would have done this earlier except I had to go to the dentist at noon and after taking advantage of a free coffee coupon from Biggby's,I didn't get home until 1:45 pm so while I'm waiting,I'm doing this blog.
  Last week I wrote about a 54 year woman in my subdivision who committed suicide by setting herself on fire. While we had thought it was on the other side of the subdivision,it turns out it was about 500 yards from our home and I never heard a peep,no sirens,no screaming,nothing. Its pretty sad,I have walked that cul-de-sac where it happened a few times but never have seen anyone outside as I tend to walk at night. Still....its the 2nd major incident in this sub....a couple of years before we moved here,a man was tied up and beheaded by two teens who are now locked forever.
  Overall our neighborhood is very quiet and we have some very nice neighbors. I just wish whatever demon that woman was living with hadn't caused her to kill herself like that.

  My wife called me yesterday morning,she came across a homeless person living in her car and she had parked by my wife's job. She was scared at first because she thought the girl might have been hurt by the way she was lying across the seat. Once she could see inside,she saw the girl was sleeping on a pillow.
The car looked very dirty and the sleeper looked like she may have some mental health issues as it appeared she had hoarder issues based on the look of the car.
   Lori asked if she should call the cops but I said as long as she isn't bothering anyone,no harm is being done. Despite the recession,we have hardly seen any signs of homelessness in our area which does surprise me a little. We have seen 3 people in the past 5 years who have appeared in this condition and that is despite the foreclosures in our town. The only sign that people are still struggling is the skyrocketing of shoplifting that is coming from the poorer people. Not a day goes by that 2-3 cop cars are at the local Walmart/Kroger taking away a shoplifter(s). My wife's store has been a few times by a few folks as well.
  But as far as people walking up and asking for money or food,not really seen that around here.
Lori called her assistant manager and asked her to drop by McD's and buy a breakfast meal for the young lady but by the time it got there,the person had woken up and driven away. Hope she will okay.
  Alrighty then,the gutter guy called and is on his its time for me to scoot.

Thanks for reading.

Thank you again Amy.

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