Thursday, April 4, 2013

Rolling Update...

Its 7:54 pm

    After a brief fling with spring,we are headed back down into the lower 40s as April has landed here in Detroit. The weather is indeed very chilly and add in some windy gusts and its still hoodie wearing time.

Hope everyone had a most relaxing Easter with friends and family this year.

Our Easter was an overwhelming happy one to say the least. On Saturday Marlene (Crash's mom) came down for a visit. We had just started our first session of the gravity I.V. when Marlene rang the doorbell. So we were just starting to chat when I looked up and was very pleasantly shocked to see Detroit's best journalist and my friend Amy Lange walking up to our door. Now while Amy and I have emailed,tweeted and exchanged cards between us,we had actually never met in person until Saturday.
  I opened the door and invited her in and introduced her to Lori and Marlene (who was pretty amazed that we knew Amy). Amy had made Lori a cute basket for Easter,including a pink Detroit Tiger's cap and 2 six packs of Boost. We all sat down and had a freestyle session of "Let It Rip" in our living room. Amy stayed and talked with us for 90 minutes,she really is a beautiful human being and as I have said so many times,Detroit is so blessed to have journalists like Amy here. Not only for the stories they share with us but also for the community outreach that so many do for the citizens of this area.
  Right after Amy left,Marlene had to run as well....which was good timing as Lori got ill again...but we continued the I.V. drip until it was all done.
   Sunday morning I had to work,it was sluggish at the it made for a longish day. I drove home and as I pulled up in the driveway,our neighbor Kathy dashed over and wanted to know if she could drop something off for us...which turned out to be another Easter basket filled with more things for Lori to try and eat and even a couple of jellybeans for Derek and myself...(I eat them,he swats them across the room)
  As I helped Kathy bring in the basket,our friend Cheryl also had dropped off a pair of baskets filled with jello,vanilla pudding and other items. We were so grateful to say the least..

We usually exchange baskets but because if what is going on,we just didn't think we would be able to do anything this year...but some seriously nice people sure brightened up our day!
 Late yesterday we decide to just take a drive...Lori was feeling down because she hadn't been feeling well enough to go outside. We got her all bundled up nice and warm and just took off...we were out for a good 45 minutes driving through Canton,Salem,the boonies out near Ann Arbor before heading back through Plymouth.

 Sunday night saw me checking my work schedule and realizing I had flipped my days...I had to work early on Monday and late on Tuesday! This prompted a last second call to Lori's cousin's wife Bonnie to please help us and get Lori to Ann Arbor. Bonnie was able to step up huge and picked up Lori at 7:20 am
But it was during the middle of the night that I was awaken by her crying...she was crying because she feels so bad for me...because of my very bumpy life and she felt she was adding on to it. Nothing more could be further of the truth...I love my life here with her and even now in the dark days,I love her even more.We have both overcome some tough times but then again,don't all good couple do? I like to think so...I held her tight and we talked for about 40 minutes before she was able to go back to sleep..

The doctor's visit was pretty good....good blood results,her heart rate is much better and Dr. Johnston told her to drink some food once every 3-4 hours. We also are going to get a new nausea medicine this week as well. The new chemo drug we are taking for the past 3 weeks is called Tamoxifen which we take twice a day. By clicking the link,you can learn what and how Tamoxifen works on stopping the tumor's growing. We were told today that it will take another 45 days before the oncology team knows if the treatment is working.
 We won't see Dr. Johnston for another 30 days.
Our outing today is a common theme among too many families facing these life changing illnesses and that is finding money to help keep you afloat. We are no different and with Lori not being able to go back to work and I'm saddled with only a part-time job,resources are a bit thin so to speak..Lori suggested she sell off her old broken gold jewelry and silver dollars she had gotten when she was a kid. I reached out to a guy whom I had met a couple of years back whose hobby was looking for discarded/unwanted gold pieces. After getting a good lead from Sam,I told Lori...and this afternoon that is where we headed. We headed to Star Jewelry which is run by a very nice couple from Lebanon and was only a couple of miles from us.

 The shop was beautiful,the glass display cases were packed with lovely rings and necklaces,braclets,etc..all which were made handmade by the owner,just amazing craftsmanship which is slowly fading away in these days. We presented our small bags of gold and silver to be priced. It didn't very long to sort through and after agreeing on the price,they paid us and we headed out to the bank.
  We then decided to go to Sam's Club to see if the price of Boost was better at a bulk rate. We got there at about 5:30 and I went and got a wheelchair. The store wasn't really all that busy and we found the Boost pretty easy,we bought a 24 pack and continued to shop. We ended getting some soup for Lori,a huge pack of ground beef for me as well as some lunch meat. Not very exciting on paper but trust me,we had a ball!

Its 6: 44 pm on Friday.....need to post this now.

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